• Hi,
    I am currently working on my WordPress website and would like to add an automatic carousel that displays either text or images, sliding from one item to another without user input.

    The carousel should automatically transition between different text or image items at a set interval, without requiring user interaction such as clicking or swiping. Ideally, the carousel would provide a smooth transition effect between items for a visually appealing display.

    I have explored the available blocks or elements in the WordPress editor but have been unable to locate a native carousel feature.

    I’m trying to build my site with as little plugins as possible – So I’m looking for a way to do it directly within the regular built in site editor.


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  • Hi @ramf

    There’s nothing wrong with adding a well-made, lightweight and efficient plugin to enhance Gutenberg with an additional plugin to let you build a carousel. This is not a recommendation or endorsement (I haven’t tested it), but have a look at the Carousel Slider Block for Gutenberg, for example.

    However, if you really don’t want to add a plugin, you can use the Custom HTML block to directly insert your own custom carousel with your own HTML/CSS/JS code. You’ll find several examples of this type of carousel online.

    There are also a few plugins that let you easily build your own blocks, like Lazy Blocks or Genesis Custom Blocks.

    Finally, your last option is of course to build your own plugin or your own block from scratch.

    Best of luck!

    Moderator bcworkz


    I have nothing to do with core WP development, but I suspect a native carousel element is not coming anytime soon. Even it were, it’d be in a time frame much longer than your site’s development period. It’s not desirable to build into WP core feature’s that do not interest everyone. It would cause a larger code base for everyone, even for those with no such interest. Leaving such a feature for plugins is the better option. If you want a carousel, it’ll add to your code base one way or the other.

    FWIW, in the past I’ve used Flex Slider 2 for carousel functionality. The jQuery extension is available for free download. You’d need to incorporate it into your own plugin. I believe there is actually a Flex Slider 2 plugin for WP that’s available for a fee. I’ve only ever used the free download version.

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    Hi @luk4 and @bcworkz,

    Thank you both for your responses and suggestions.

    @luk4, I appreciate your input and the plugin recommendations you provided. While plugins can indeed offer a quick solution, my concern is the potential for compatibility issues with future WordPress updates. Also, relying on third-party plugins may pose challenges in terms of ongoing support, especially if the plugin developer discontinues updates or if it conflicts with other plugins in the future. For these reasons, I am inclined towards a solution that doesn’t involve external plugins.

    @bcworkz, your insights into the WP core development perspective are valuable. I understand the challenges of incorporating features that may not be universally applicable. However, considering the potential drawbacks of using external plugins, having a native carousel element could offer a more seamless and integrated experience. This could be particularly beneficial for users who prefer a lightweight and streamlined approach to website development without relying on external dependencies.

    As this is a feature request and feedback forum, I would like to emphasize the advantages of having a built-in carousel feature within the WordPress editor. This could enhance the user experience by providing a consistent and reliable solution without the concerns associated with third-party plugins.

    Any way I appreciate your time and insights.

    Best regards, Ram Freedman

    Moderator bcworkz


    You don’t need to convince me 🙂 Since you feel strongly about this you could submit a formal Trac ticket so the idea can be better tracked and discussed. Expect push back that it is properly plugin territory. Consider a similar request from years ago. Sergey is still a very active and important core developer. The decision ultimately lies with the core dev team, but sometimes with input from other pertinent teams such as Design or Marketing.

    My bad, I missed that you had posted in “Requests and Feedback”.

    The development hub for the Gutenberg project can be found at https://github.com/wordpress/gutenberg

    There are a few tickets about a native slider block. The main one seems to be New Block: Slider Container (CSS based) #43369 as it’s included in Design Tools Overview #33447, from the (official?) Customization Ongoing Roadmap #52128.

    Feel free to contribute to the ongoing discussion, especially if you’re expecting an automatic carousel, which would require the use of JavaScript I think.


    Thread Starter Ram Freedman


    Thanks – I added my comments to the New Block: Slider Container (CSS based) #43369
    Thanks for your help.

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