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    how do i get my pictures to be less grainy?

    and if i load small sized pictures will it load faster?

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  • I’m no expert by any means but I had the same problem. Here’s how I fixed it and maybe there’s a better way.
    1. Upload your picture. Of course the size of the image does affect upload speed but not too significantly.
    2. Once uploaded, click and drag image to “post area”.
    3. Once in “post area”, click on the image.
    4. Then click on “insert/edit image” icon.
    5. A dialog box should appear with the path and name of the image. (ex:
    6. Remove the ‘thumbnail’ portion of the filename.

    Like I said, there’s probably an easier way, but this way works for me.

    thank you.

    i’m assuming this is to make the images upload faster or is this in regards to the graininess?

    you lost me on #6. what do you mean “remote” the thumbnail portion of the file name?

    i generally size resize my images to the size they’ll be displayed at on the site… there’s no sense in having and image that’s 2048px wide when it’s going to be displayed at 450px…

    doing this cuts down on the file size (faster loading (and uploading for that matter)) and gives me a guarentteed result of what they’re going to look like on the site.

    a pretty good program (ms endorsed for whats that worth) is irfanview… it’s not fancy, but it’s easy and will do batch conversions.


    any suggestions for the graininess?

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

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    here is the link info for example:

    That image looks like you took it in low light conditions and then used some tools to brighten it up. That can cause graininess.

    The key to eliminating digital “graininess”: Light. Lots of light. Failing that, get a big honkin’ lens. The wider the lens, the more light it will capture.

    Digital cameras have CCDs in them. These CCD’s detect the amount of light hitting them and return a value between 0 (for black) and some maximum number (for absolute white). If your light levels are too low, then the dynamic range of the CCD is smaller, giving you much fewer levels to mess around with.

    So brighten up your images by throwing more light on them. You can always make bright things darker, but you really can’t make dark things brighter. Also, while it is possible to have too much light, it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll have the equipment to do that.

    Just try to use diffuse lights and not point sources. Point sources cause ugly sharp shadows.

    thank you.

    why does text show up as grainy, as well?

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Because you used crappy software? I dunno. What text are you talking about?

    to remove grain from your pictures try noise reducing software like noiseware, neatimage or noiseninja.

    Gaidelis, thank you for the suggestion.

    However, the pics are not grainy/noisy until i pull them into the blog. So, I would not consider them noisy on their own. They are high quality in terms of size and shooting. Yes, they have had additional layers added, etc. They were shot with a Canon 20D and edited with Paint Shop Pro X. I understand the comments from Otto42. However, that has nothing to do with the text coming up noisy, as well.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    The blog software does not modify pictures in any way. It will make thumbnails, sometimes, but the original photos are there, untouched. You must explicitly be doing something that makes them grainy.

    Also, if you are uploading all your pictures as big as that, but them displaying them smaller on the blog, then you’re relying on the resizing capabilities of the browser, which are limited. Resize to the size you want them to be before uploading.

    O.K.So I’m struggling with this problem also. I use a Sony Steady SHot 5.1 Megapixel camera on the largest size. Ny photos crop and print to fairly large sizes without loss of quality. I did an exhibit with 14 X 21 sized prints shot with this camera and edited with Apples iPhoto. I did use Photoelemnets to print them.
    Here’s the deal. If I export the photos any size other than full size and try uploading them to WP they are useless. I send reduced sizes by e-mail to friends and they export in good quality. I open the same image on my computer and its great. I post the same photo to another part of my website at the size I’ve uploaded to WP with crappy results and it looks great on my website pages that are not WP.
    When I upload the full size, I have to resize it from a huge image to a usable image taking a lot of draggin. This seems unecessary.

    Parrish Jones

    “When I upload the full size, I have to resize it from a huge image to a usable image taking a lot of draggin. This seems unecessary.”

    Then take your photos at a lower resolution. With almost all modern digital cameras, the default resolution results in images which are unsuitable for the web, unless they are resized to 1024×768, or lower, preferably.

    The upshot is that you will almost always have to resize your images to a sensible ratio before publishing them on the web or sending via email.

    BTW: I have no idea why this thread even exists as it’s nothing to do with WP anyway.

    Three things:

    1) I am not sure why

    anyone thinks they need to be snide or otherwise rude to others in a discussion. I feel there are several such responses above.
    2) It would be nice if persons respond if they

    read the msgs

    they are responding to and see what the real problems are instead of responding to some preconceived perception.
    3) that brings me to the last post which questions why this thread is in the wordpress support area. Simply, because this is where the problem is. I am having no problem with resizing my photos and uploading to my website in general or to two other websites I help manage. The only place I am having problems is in WordPress. It would be quite helpful if someone would deal with this subject in a a way that may be helpful.

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