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  • Hello, First this post is to express sincere thanks to the people who provide help and answers on this forum. I am new, but have followed the forums for weeks in advance of deciding to use WordPress. One of the reasons I chose WP is the community around it, people who have encountered the same issues and can help. I don’t know who all the helpers and admins here are — seems to be a mixture of ‘official’ people (who are regulars), and occasional visitors who are WP users (who simply answer if/when they have something to say.) Whoever you all are, I want to say thanks. Some of the people I have learned from often are Lorelle, Podz, and moshu. I know that Matt is the man with the plan behind WordPress. I assume you are all volunteer. Your committment is as amazing as your intelligence and grace with WP.

    At the same time, please hear my critique. Be gentle. Remain patient. Recruit and empower (designate) more expert helpers if you can. You are going to get hundreds of new people, probably thousands. I am not a coder, just a guy who wants a cool functional WordPress site of my own. If I can install WP as easily as I did, others will. Per trends in blogging, many of these new users will be children (teens), and many will not speak English as their first language (I do). We are going to need more admins/helpers to answer questions here and relieve the star-players who handle everything now. I sense that the above-mentioned experts are, at times, worn out and possibly tired of hearing the same questions. We new-users know about the Codex, and we try to look there first, but it can be daunting with the terminology, lack of examples, and when I start reading the Codex I get distracted learning other things and may fail to find the direct answer I am seeking. It is wonderful when you can reply to a question with a direct link to the answer in the Codex, as opposed to “check the codex.”

    We may all benefit from a better modern forum (besides bbPress?) to archive and organize and display questions/answers, and I won’t go-off on this because I think it has been mentioned before and you are probably working on it in the background.

    I am sure you have already thought of these things. I just want to offer my thanks, encouragement, and hopefully a sense of the big picture that many more new people will be “invading” this forum in the coming months. We all want to see this transpire as Question > Answer, rather than Question > Question > Question > Frustration.

    Please keep up the good work, but also think ahead as fast as you can to prepare and upgrade this forum community for future growth.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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