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  • Plugin Author Bertrand du Couedic


    It looks like a jQuery library issue.

    However, I’ve had a look to the source code of the homepage and I can’t see anything wrong with a jQuery library.

    It looks like jQuery is heavily used on your site. Thus, it could be a jQuery variable conflict issue.

    Let’s try this:

    • Reset $use_own_jquery_lib_on_front_end to false.
    • insert the line jQuery.noConflict(); right before line 5 in soundy-background-music/js/front-end.js

    And let’s see.

    Thanks Bertrand, I have changed the one value to “false”, but I’m not sure what/where to edit the front-end.js file. I have copied the file’s contents into BBEdit, zipped it up I’ll include a download link below. Can you indicate where I should insert the new line? Thanks!

    Plugin Author Bertrand du Couedic


    Hi Rick,

    Actually, the line jQuery.noConflict(); had to be inserted before line 27 and not before line 5 as stated in my post. Sorry about this.

    I’ve taken your front-end.js file and added the jQuery.noConflict(); line.

    You can download it from:

    Hopefully, this new line of code will solve the problem.

    Humm – thanks Bertrand! But unfortunately it’s still not working as expected. I’ve cleared my browser’s cache and tried a few different browsers, but when you return to the homepage after pausing the play button, the music auto plays (which is fine), but you can’t pause it. Would you mind testing it at your end? Thanks again!

    Plugin Author Bertrand du Couedic


    I have the same symptoms like you when I access your site.

    Nice site! It’s a pity that Soundy doesn’t work.

    It really looks like a jQuery library issue.

    All jQuery library issues until now came from the fact that the site theme or a plugin was loading its own jQuery library and the library was too old for Soundy.

    I’ve had a look to the source code but may be I’ve missed something.

    It is a strong recommendation from WordPress’s folks, that no theme and no plugin loads its own jQuery library. They should use the one provided with WordPress.

    This is what Soundy plugins do.

    Thus, I would advise you to ask your theme provider as well as your other plugin’s providers if they use the WordPress jQuery library.

    I don’t have any other idea for now. Sorry Rick.

    Not a problem Bertrand! Thanks for your help. I would really like to use Soundy, so I’ll reach out the theme/plugin developers if they are loading their own jQuery library. I’ll be in touch if I can get clarity on that end. Thanks, Rick

    I noticed something strange, if i have my back office open in one tab when im editing my home page and the actual home page open in another tab, the sound button wont work, soon as i click off somewhere else say dashboard or something the button springs to life, the button did seam to act as if it was unresponsive, until i noticed that if im not on the page in the back office editing it at the same time the button works great.


    Plugin Author Bertrand du Couedic


    Hi Mike,

    When I was developing the “Preview in context” functionality, I discovered the phenomenon you describe: the button in the preview tab did not work till I closed the back-office tab.

    As far as I remember, this happened when the soundtrack in the preview tab was the same like in the back-office tab.

    I found a javascript workaround for this. Thus, the preview in context works today.

    It looks like browsers have a problem when several audio tags use the same soundtrack URL.

    I’ve encountered this issue several times.



Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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