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[Resolved] Playlist stops playing

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    Can you please provide URL of your website? I can’t reproduce this bug on my server.


    Yes, here is the site. Thank you so much for looking at this for me.

    I have not solved my problem, but I have isolated that it is not your device. It is my computer. Your device works fine on Chrome and Firefox on 6 other computers in my house, so it is my one computer that is having an issue.

    Sorry for not doing my homework first.
    Thank you.

    I just solved my one computer not being able to play songs continuously from the playlist on this device. It was a problem with my temporary files and or cache locally. I cleared this with CCleaner and both browsers in question played the playlist with no issue. I’m not sure what was bottle necking the player, but this resolved the problem.


    My CW Player also stopped playing continuous music. It was working fine for months and then a week ago it started only playing one song and then it stops.

    Can you help? I cleaned up the temporary files and cache but it made no difference.

    My website is http://mjlyricsonly.com/.


    Yes, I too have not resolved my issue, after all. I thought I had. My first statement at the top is still true. I have tested my Samsung phone and tablet with their native browsers and had no issue, yet. Another laptop in my home finally failed on the Chrome browser, as well.

    Clearing the web browser cache does not fix the issue, no matter how many times I try. If I run CCleaner, it repairs the problem. I have not tested which operating system or browser setting is accomplishing this. After CCleaner, I can play the looped playlist, pause and start, advance the songs, and it all works.

    I am not sure what triggers it to fail, but sometime later it will just stop automatically advancing. I can test if it has failed by playing the song and clicking the advance button. It will advance to the next song, but stop the device. I can hit play again and it works until it reaches the next song or I manually advance it.

    I have completely shut off and cleared WP Super Cache. I am not sure if it triggered any of this, but I will test it out. I will look for which setting CCleaner is clearing.


    Plugin Author circlewaves



    Sorry, but I can’t reproduce these bugs on my server, player works good in Chrome, Firefox and IE.

    After some testing your websites (http://revolution12.org/ and http://mjlyricsonly.com/) I’m decided that problem may be with your hosting, because couple times I get error with loading MP3 files.

    Now I’m developing new version of this plugin with fully new core, so maybe this problem will be solved.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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