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  • i had created playlist earlier which is working, i need to add another playlist and noticed that the right pane does not show? i have disabled many plugin i added but no luck. can someone help me figure how to get the right pane on add media screen back.

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  • Hey @rtummla,

    Maybe I can help, but I don’t fully understand your question. Would you be able to clarify a few things?

    1. Are you using a plugin to create the playlist you mention?
    2. This playlist is it for audio files? Or video?
    3. What do you mean with the right pane in the media library?
    4. Is it possible to show us what you’re working on? maybe with a link or a screenshot?

    Apart from that, general troubleshooting steps would be disabling all (other) plugins. But you say you did that already. You might also look at your theme to see if that’s the issue. You could switch to a default theme temporarily. Also, I would check the WordPress debug log to see if anything comes up there.

    I hope this gives you some direction. If you need more help, reply back here and I’ll do my best to assist you.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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