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    Thank you so much for your great effort and made a nice plugin. I have an issue that when i add “&layout=gallery” in the end of the url then the following error occurs “Sorry, there was a YouTube API error: The referrer null does not match the referrer restrictions configured on your API key. Please use the API Console to update your key restrictions. Please make sure you performed the steps in this video to create and save a proper API key.”. However when I remove “&layout=gallery” then only one video is playing. Could you please help me. how to show all videos of my playlist in thumbnails.

    Here is a link:

    Thank is advance.


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    The link you shared is giving a 404. However, it sounds like you might not have created the right kind of YouTube API key as illustrated in the helper video we link to on the plugin’s settings page.

    -EmbedPlus Team

    After upgrading to Version 11.3
    Playlist does not work any more!!!

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