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    First off ty for this great plugin, it really is something, but I have a few questions before I could really start using it, the first question is about the speed the wave loads it takes a 2-3 seconds before the wave is generated and being able to press play compared to how fast the default wordpress player is shown and can be played instantly, this may put users off im not sure, also I noticed that if there is more than one player on a page they all don’t load together, it loads the wave for the second player after its finished loading the first,meaning it could take a while if there was like 5-6 tracks on one page.

    Second question, would it not be possible to instead of showing the green bar before it loads to show the tracks loading progression in the form of the actual wave? This would be cool!

    Even when creating a playlist its very slow to load a track to switch to the next maybe 2-3 seconds, this is on a new install without other plugins for testing.

    This player is so damn cool though mate 🙂 but the speed lets it down in my honest opinion, if the wave could load as fast as the wordpress default player or maybe a fraction longer it would be a must have plugin for me.

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    Hmm after checking out your website and demo of the player I noticed it loads very fast? I cant understand why the slow loading on my end, I may need to dig a little deeper with this, its weired seeing as the wordpress default audioplayer loads instantly!! I will get back to you later after a bit of trial and error.

    At the minute my page loads these on the page 18 queries in 0.143 seconds.

    But the player still shows the green bar for around 3 seconds before loading the wave and letting me click play.

    Btw the audio is self hosted on my vps, every other audio player plugin also loads instantly ?

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    Hi mcpeanut,

    • Being able to display the waveform progressively while the file is loading
    • Being able to play the file what it the file is loading

    I couldn’t agree more with that !

    I make some researches, but it doesn’t seems possible to do with how wavesurfer-js (used by this plugin) works.

    katspaugh/wavesurfer.js – JavaScript – FAQ

    For play during file download:
    Setting backend to MediaElement has it is advices solved the “play while download” problem but create another one : the cursor refreshing rate become low and so the cursor get “jumpy”.

    For drawing waveform during file download:
    I didn’t see anyway to do that either.

    For the moment, there is no way to satisfy this two feature requests as I would expect, but there is not a lot of thing I can do about it…

    Meanwhile, WaveSurfer-WP is target users that have low size file (expecially in length), just like in audio language learning tutorial of this kind of things.

    We’ll see if there is evolution on this in the future, but I don’t think this will change soon, unfortunately.

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    I think I can optimize the init time a bit, but the concept need some testing. (currently, I init the audio first, and then the button, maybe all of this could be done in one pass).

    If you want to test, go to line 73-76 of the plugin and delete this

      // Buttons
      $j('.wavesurfer-block').each(function(i) {

    If it works without breaking anything and if there is significant improvements, I’ll update the plugin.

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    OK M8, give me 30 mins bud and I will get back to you if you are around still, just got to nip out to shop and I will try your suggestion.




    You have made an awesome plugin! It is the perfect audio player for language learners and exactly what I was looking for.

    I have two questions though. 1. How can I get audio that is hosted on to show the waveform? It is working for my self-hosted audio. 2. The waveform disappears after reloading the page when used in combination with the Collapse-O-Matic plugin.

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    Thanks ! 🙂

    1.I don’t know your host in particular, few others people had the same problem when loading the sounds from a CDN (but yes self hosted work fine).
    Have you check the solution exposed in the F.A.Q. ?
    WordPress › WaveSurfer-WP / FAQ
    I cannot help you more than this point as I don’t know anything about CDN restriction/authorizations.

    2. The waveforms are triggered at page laods and ajax end loading, I can’t be sure, but I suppose that if they are hidden by your plugin, then it missed the initialization.
    I would say that WaveSurfer-WP is not compatible with such use.

    (Please open your own ticket the next time 😛 )

    Plugin Author X-Raym


    Being able to play the file what it the file is loading is now possible in v2.2.

    But drawing waveform while downloading still doesn’t seem possible.

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