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    its me again. 😀

    As I didn’t find proper answers to my topics, I have to post some issues here:

    1. On a players/staff profile:
    Is there any way to find out which season is the actual season? I’d like to let a visitor select players of the actual season or maybe roster only, in the select-field (below the stats).

    2. How often are the transiflex-localization words updated? I’ve translated a few but they are in review, like around 1000 others. I edited my po-file first, but it got overwritten after an update. And actually I want that plugin used by many more germans. 😀

    3. How to get rid of GoogleMaps, if I dont wanna use it, or can’t use it like that, because of the restrictions in Germany. Just edit the template, I guess?

    4. Showing the “Half Time”-Points-Form-twice-Issue is back again. Is it just on my installation or is it a known issue?

    5. After adding a player to the “not used” bucket and saving the match, I cant remove those players from the “not used”-bucket anymore. After removing them and saving that match, they are still in it. Maybe same thing happening in substitutes. Never used that one.

    6. Also when saving a player to a certain saison, you cant really remove him from that saison anymore. That player will have that season in his stats. No matter what. Removing somebody from a roster of that season is not the way. Doesnt seem to work.

    Is there a way to bring back the possibility to have that checkboxes for saisons, same way as at “staff”? That was kind of helpful in those cases.

    6. Could you add a “staff gallery” for the editor? like the “player gallery”?

    7. How to get the stats of all seasons? For example I’d like to show a table with the players with most goals of ALL seasons. You cant pick that one when adding a stats table.

    8. Adding staff members to certain games would be nice. They are changing sometimes, also within the saison, get kicked or whatever. Also staff members get cards and penalties during the games.

    Sorry to ask so much stuff, maybe half of it is easy to solve with some lines and I just need a hint. If you say: “One could easily solve Problem X with a hook on function xy”, I can absolutley try myself.

    thanks in regard 😀

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Leon



    No probs, I’ll try and help you out with all of your questions 🙂

    1. I’ll try to get that player selection filtered to show only players from the same roster – or at least the same season, in the next release.

    2. I don’t use Transifex since WP switched the handling of translations to their own Polyglots system, which has been a real pain for me as it didn’t transfer my existing translations that had been kindly worked on by dozens of translators.

    It would be awesome if you could join the WP Club Manager translation team at and contribute to the German translation file.

    3. At the moment Google is the only map available through the plugin. I would like to add another option though, do you have a preference? I am already planning to add an OSM option soon.

    4. I’ve not had any other reports of it coming back. Is it on the front or back end? I assume you don’t have the old Score Summary installed?

    5. I’ve not had that reported before but I’ll look into it and get it fixed before the next release.

    6. That’s a work in progress. Eventually only seasons where the player is in a roster will display in the stats table. The old method of having to manually tick each player individually at the start of a new season was very time consuming and rosters make it much easier!

    In the meantime it is possible to deselect seasons for players by using the Quick Edit method on the Players List admin page.

    7. Agreed. I’ll add a Staff Gallery 🙂

    8. Yep. That’s been on the to-do list for a long time… I’ll move it up the list 🙂

    9. This isn’t something I’ve ever been asked for in the whole 6 years of the plugin so I’m not sure this is a feature I’ll be adding anytime soon. If I have more requests for it then I’ll review that decision or if it is more of a feature of Handball in particular then I can look into some sort of Handball specific feature.

    I hope that helps answer most of your queries, feel free to ask questions anytime and I’ll always do my best to help.

    By the way…. I like your site, looks great 🙂


    Hi Leon,
    I will join the French translation team.
    I will take advantage of your strong presence here to wake up the few concerns mentioned on another subject.
    Thank you.

    Plugin Author Leon


    I will join the French translation team.

    That would be amazing!! Thanks 🙂

    I will take advantage of your strong presence here to wake up the few concerns mentioned on another subject.

    Haha! I’ll get back to you later today… not ignoring you, it’s been a challenging time recently and I’m just getting back to things. Thanks for your ever increasing patience 😉

    Thread Starter diddiausde


    Man, thanks so much.
    I didn’t even expect such a full answer. Thanks :D.

    To answer properly:

    1. thx 😀

    2. I’ll do a big favor for you and will try to translate almast everything in german. Wanna give something back. 😀

    3. Open Maps maybe?

    I was actually asking for ONLY adress without the map. Because when putting an adress into it now, you’re told to get an api key. But I really just wanna show the adress.
    I can easily hide that api-key-notice, but I guess I’m not the only one doesnt want an map service at all. Its all about the personal data being send to the foreign servers.

    4. I only have it in the backend. Like it was a year ago, before it was gone after an update. I can also just hide it with css, but I wanted to tell you about it.

    5. I’m asking. Maybe it’s just in my installation – I’ll try it in another installation and tell you then

    6. “In the meantime it is possible to deselect seasons for players by using the Quick Edit method on the Players List admin page.”

    My fault. I forgot about that method.

    7. Merci 😀

    8. Danke 😀

    9. Yeah that could be a handball specific thing. I’m just watching football and handball. BUT it’s now possible to get a card -even the red one – while sitting on the bank in football. That that one is really not important to me. I dont wanna go through 10 years of archive data again


    have a nice weekend y’all 😀

    Thread Starter diddiausde


    Wohooo 😀

    I’m reallyhappy now. Thank you very much for your work.

    Coming back to number 4:

    I discovered that that one could have something to do with the score summary extension?!ApmojuR7e4thlwkp84TEtxNo6hsT?e=ReQ7T7

    Maybe my “score summary” isn’t updated. Maybe I dont even need that one anymore?

    Nevertheless: a bunch of cool new things to use. Thank you very much for that 😀
    Should I tell you my next ideas or do you need holidays now? One is related to corona 😀

    greetings to you

    Plugin Author Leon



    Sorry it took so long! My computer finally died a few weeks ago after being on it’s last legs for a couple of years and I was only able to replace it last week!

    I hope you enjoy the new update. Pretty much everything you requested is in there but I haven’t been able to come up with a satifactory way to show player histories in list due to the way the plugin currently retrieves stats. At the moment it would be too resource intensive to run but it’s something I will introduce in the future.

    The Score Summary plugin is no longer needed so you should uninstall that. In fact I pulled it from the WP repository over the weekend so it shouldn’t be available anymore.

    I’m now pushing on with some new themes and the long-awaited Pro version but I’m always willing to hear new ideas so feel free to share them anytime 🙂


    Thread Starter diddiausde



    thanks again. Amazing work. I’m way too lazy for this, but really like the templating.
    I’m using VisualComposer in the backend, so what I’m always doing is, using ACF’s and translating your shortcodes and ACF’s into vs_widgets, which makes it easier for my sports team to use it for sites.

    In the meantime, I was doing the translating for you in german and did like 600 translations so far in the last weeks. @theuxbc2061 did a lot too in french, so there’s progression too. 😀

    I will open up another topic for new stuff.

    Is it an open GIT by the way? Or would you invite me? 😀

    Plugin Author Leon


    Cool, it sounds like you have a nice little setup with Visual Composer.

    Thanks for the translations, they really are appreciated and hopefully we will have some ready for the offical language packs – I think they need to be 90% done before they are added automatically.

    Yes, it is an open repository, feel free to contribute but make sure any pull request are to the ‘dev’ branch –


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