• I guess I’m gettng sick and tired of raising the same issue over and over again but the latest update has made the player stats information even worse ….

    On the player profile screen the career totals now only include this season’s stats. Historical stats aren’t included …


    Appearances (APP) should show total as 492 (33 + 459) but it’s showing 33. In the back-end the numbers are correct – total is 492 so I don’t know why the player profile screen shows 33.

    All the other issues I’ve raised are still outstanding so rather than build in “new features” it’d be much better to get the existing system working properly!


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  • Plugin Author Brian


    @theangryduck Thanks for your feedback. Each site is configured differently, so it would be best if we could get a closer look at your site. Could you please send in a support ticket via http://support.themeboy.com by clicking the “Contact Support” button at the top – you can select “I don’t have a license yet” as the License Type.

    Plugin Author Brian


    @theangryduck Upon further testing I’ve found that although automatic statistics (calculated from event performance) were adding up properly, manually statistics (entered directly into the player profile) were not counted in the totals. If you’ve entered statistics directly into the player, this would be the case.

    I’ve just committed a fix to GitHub, where the total statistics are being calculated by adding all values from that table. This will be included in the next update.

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    Hi Brian,

    Thanks – that’s put us back where we were before the update. Individual player totals are now correct.

    Re the other issue – this is documented here ..

    When selecting seasons in player lists I don’t know what the difference is if we select none of them (defaults to All) or All of them – to me it should be the same but the results are different.
    If we select all seasons then the performance values accumulate but the statistics don’t.

    The page above details the various scenarios.


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    Hi Brian,

    From your link, if I select product=Sportspress I just get told to come to this forum.
    If I select SportsPress Pro and “I don’t have a license” it doesn’t allow me to enter any details – the only link I get is for a “pre-sales question”.

    Do I enter the info via that pre-sales link or something else?


    Plugin Author Brian


    @jdembowski Noted.

    @theangryduck Since I’m unable to reproduce this exact issue on my test site, let’s follow the touchpoints of those statistics to see if we can get to the bottom of it:

    1. Event Performance (Box Scores) – These are calculated first, by looking at all of the played events for each player and adding up their performance from each of those events.

    2. Player Profile (Statistics) – When editing a player directly, these are the values entered directly into the Statistics section where you can select the team they played on for each season. If the competition and season match up exactly with that of the player list, these values will override those calculated from 1 (above).

    3. Player List (Adjustments) – When editing a player list, you’ll notice an “Adjustments” tab at the top of the table. By switching to the Adjustments table, you can enter values greater or less than zero, to add or subtract this amount from that player’s statistic.

    4. Player List (Values) – And finally, the Values table itself. Any values entered directly into this table will override all other values calculated from 1, 2, and 3.

    With each field where you can enter a value, there are grey text (placeholder) values, which are those from an earlier touchpoint, and black text (manual) values, which override them instead.

    In this case, I suspect there might be manually entered values in that player’s profile, or in the Adjustments table. It’s impossible for me to tell for sure, but you’ll be able to check from the dashboard.

    Try following the touchpoints for Leon as an example, and let me know what you find. Thanks!

    Thread Starter Andy Dickinson



    Hi Brian,

    OK – thanks.

    Only points 1 and 2 apply as we haven’t entered any adjustments or overridden any player list values.

    But – if we just look at the last of the 4 player lists we can see that APP, STR and SUB values are calculated correctly which is a good thing. It is correctly summing the values from this season and last.

    The problem is that it’s not doing that for GLS so presumably you are treating a performance value differently from a statistic.

    APP, STR, SUB and GLS are all calculated by the system for this season – nothing is overridden (grey numbers).
    For last season APP, STR, SUB and GLS values are manually input into the player profile (black numbers).
    The career totals on the player profile are all calculated correctly (grey numbers).

    So, the player profile totals are correct for all values; the player list totals are correct for APP, STR and SUB but they are wrong for GLS.

    Appreciate your time on this.


    Plugin Author Brian



    Thanks for clarifying those points, this actually makes a lot more sense now.

    As you know, SportsPress has evolved over time, with new features being added in every update. One of the big changes we made early on was to introduce multi-competition and multi-season player lists linked to player stats.

    The problem is, player lists were not originally designed to be used with a combination of manual and automatic player stats across multiple seasons. It works as intended only if you select one competition and one season, by either showing the (automatic) calculated values or (manual) player stats.

    When a player list attempts to combined automatic and manual stats, issues start to arise. It only makes one database call to retrieve a list of events, then iterates through those events to calculate each player’s performance. Now, if it wants to compare those stats with the manual stats entered directly into each player profile, it would need to make multiple database calls to either:

    1. Get events for each competition/season combination (this is what it does when viewing player profiles directly, which also explains why those statistics are more in-depth and accurate)


    2. Look at which competition and season each event belongs to, then match those up against the manually entered player stats and decide whether these stats have been accounted for.

    Unfortunately, player lists are already very resource-intensive, and adding more database calls will only make them even slower.

    So here’s what we’ve decided to do:

    With the next update, player profile stats and player list values will no longer be connected to each other. This means that you can modify player profile stats directly if you wish, but these will not affect the behavior of player lists.

    The two will still share a common touchpoint: event performance. All automatic values calculated from events will be reflected in player profiles and player lists, just as they have been.

    Now, for the workaround: If you’ve got stats from previous seasons and wish to add them to the player list (without adding the events themselves), you can use the “Adjustments” table within the player list. By adding the totals of past seasons here, the main “Values” table will reflect a new total using those adjustments and automatically calculated values.

    I hope this all makes sense. Moving on from legacy behavior and disconnecting player stats from player lists is a tough decision but we think it is a decision we need to make.

    Plugin Contributor Savvas


    With those changes you are going to introduce in the next update, will it be possible to show the stats of a player if he play for TeamA the first half of season and for TeamB for the second half?

    I hope I am not totally offtopic, but I was thinking that is an opportunity to consider also that case to your code changes.

    So instead of showing (which is wrong/not realistic):
    2016/17 Teamb 20Goals, 10YelCards

    It should show:
    2016/17 TeamA 9Goals, 4YelCards
    2016/17 TeamB 11Goals, 6YelCards

    Thanks and sorry again if it is Offtopic 🙂

    Thread Starter Andy Dickinson


    Hi @brianmiyaji,

    Thanks for the detailed response …

    Just to clarify – your explanation re manual / automatic summing is only related to player statistics? It does not relate to player performance values.
    If that’s the case then your explanation makes perfect sense as it’s only the statistics info (in my case GLS) that’s wrong – the performance values (APP, STR, SUB) are calculated correctly for manual/automatic across multiple seasons.

    see the 4th player list (“Both seasons selected ..”) on this page … http://www.afchornchurch.com/work-in-progress-4/

    Rather than you make any changes – which could easily break other users’ player lists that have made assumptions about how the data is stored and calculated – we can go with your workaround and manually adjust the figures that are wrong via the adjustments. It is onerous but only needs to be done once I guess (unless we cut the data differently with more player lists and therefore need to duplicate the adjustments) .. in this case a “clone player list” function would be useful.

    We’ll start adding the adjustments.

    Thanks again,

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