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  1. tsdryt
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I can't say enough about this player and how much I love it. I am, however, struggling with one aspect of my implementation...

    I am use the embedded audio playlist with an image attached to each .mp3. The background I am using is a circuit board and, as the album moves through each song, the circuit board will become 'filled in' (in a sense). I can do this fairly easily on through the methods provided by Mr. Ward in the shortcode.

    However, this only lines up on my browser, with my aspect ration/resolution. When I test the site at other resolutions, the player (understandably) moves to a different area. My question is, short of making media queries for every resolution on this Earth, are any of you aware of a way to keep the positioning of the player, regardless of the resolution?

    A few things I've tried so far:
    Converting all pixel 'definitions' to %ages
    Using the widget player instead of the embedded post player
    Letting my two year old nephew roll around on the keyboard

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Best,


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