Player not appear

  • Hello
    Set up a plug-in itself, but ran into a problem.
    In his blog, I use the code to insert music from zippyshare:

    <script type="text/javascript"> var zippywww = "35"; var zippyfile = "98766615"; var zippytext = "# 000000"; var zippyback = "# e8e8e8"; var zippyplay = "# ff6600"; var zippywidth = 850; var zippyauto = false; var zippyvol = 80; var zippywave = "# 000000"; var zippyborder = "# cccccc"; </ script> <script type = "text / javascript" src = "http://api .zippyshare.com / api / embed_new.js "> </ script>

    If I load these page without Advanced Ajax Page Loader
    the player appears
    Once the page is loaded via the plugin, the player does not appear, however, in the source code page is the code

    How to solve?
    What need to insert into Page reload code..
    Please help


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