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    Thank you for the plugin… it’s perfect for what I need!

    1) can you create a page showing all the players in a gallery format instead of the table (kinda of what you did in the coaches plugin)? If so, what’s the short code?

    2) what’s the short code to display the Other field? I have the other field populated with ‘Favorite Player’ and I cannot show it.

    thank you for the help and writing it !!!

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  • Plugin Author Mark O'Donnell


    Hi washfl,

    1. Yes, you can display a player gallery for team. I refer you to the plugin’s documentation on my website. There are many gallery examples on my development site. There is no shortcode for the player gallery, it is a page template. (Long story, but it’s probably the right way to go on balance.)

    2. The other field cannot be displayed with the current plugin. I should either make it an option or remove it. You can pick another field that you aren’t using, relabel it, and use it for the favorite player.

    Let me know how it goes. Thanks.
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    Hi mark,

    I see the examples but I don’t see how to create the gallery with your data. I can create a gallery of images but that’s a separate issue in my head… sorry that’s not that easy for me to see!!!

    Any directions on that ??

    The “other” is confusion but I get it !! thank you for the direction…

    I added this shortcode to the page and had to remove the single tick from the experience label or else it would show up on the page… regardless…. thank you !!
    [mstw-tr-roster team=’kaosFC’ roster_type=’pro’ sort_order=’numeric’ show_number=1 show_height=0 show_weight=0 show_position=1 position_label=’Position’ show_year=0 show_age=0 show_experience=1 experience_label=Favorite_Player use_player_links=1]

    just so I can explain myself…. I see there’s the ability to create the gallery display, the instructions do not show how to do it…

    I must be missing the section on the docs that explain because this doesn’t tell me how here…

    format from url: high-school
    format from set_fields_by_format: high-school
    revised format: high-school

    Plugin Author Mark O'Donnell


    Hi washfl,
    Here’s the documentation on how to create gallery pages:

    The stuff you printed at the bottom was from last night. I was in there debugging something. It’s gone now. Nevermind.


    Ahhh.. wow… I see what needs to happen… thank you !! a lot more involved than I though but I got to work !!

    Now the gallery is being displayed, how can I order it by player number? it’s currently showing by last name and not following the custom setting in “Sort Roster by:”

    FYI… just so you can understand my rationale. I was trying to create a team page {Coaches & players} displayed by pictures with their names just like your gallery display. I added your ‘coaching staff’ + ‘MSTW Players’ plugins… so I thought that in one page I could have one of more tables for the coach(es) AND (n) players being displayed.. long story short, I decided to create one gallery with the coaches belonging to the team with lower numbers and players… does that make sense or is this something totally out of the ordinary???

    Also, the gallery only displays 10 players… where should I modify to allow the entire team (14 total **prefered method**) or at least if 9 is the max, having 2 pages??

    I’m sorry to be such a pain… I have the Height added to the player and shows fine in the gallery…
    24 Bence K
    Pos: Mid-Field
    Hgt: 4′ 5″
    Year: 5th Grade
    Favorite Player: Rafael Silva

    Once I click on the player I get
    Photo of Bence K
    24 Bence
    Pos: Mid-Field
    Year: 5th Grade
    Favorite Player: Rafael Silva
    and whatever Bio I have added!!!

    So the height is missing!! and also the format is not showing anything!! any clues ??

    Plugin Author Mark O'Donnell


    No worries.

    1. Regarding the gallery size. The first thing I’d try is Dashboard->Settings->Reading->Blog posts show at most.

    If that doesn’t do it, try this tread.

    2. Regarding This is a bug that I have corrected in the release I am trying to get out this week. Try and let me know if you get what you want.


    1) Ok.. thank you very much ! that was totally my bad… the “Blog pages show at most” is something I should know !!!

    2) yes, I did notice that was missing but there’s no change on the height still missing…

    last one, how can I change the order of post in the gallery??? they are sorted by last name…. player number would be awesome or some hidden value so I can choose the order!!

    any insights on that one???

    Plugin Author Mark O'Donnell


    Regarding the missing height, I’m not sure. Double check your settings. Is the default format custom? Is the height field on show? Then it should work the same in both places if you use the non-broken URL

    If you could give me a link to your development site with the problem, that would help.

    Let me know.

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    if you pick any of the players you can see what I mean…
    #30 has the most complete data

    #00 is the coach and I would like to create a differentiation on the page for him. ie, first one on the list or something !!

    Thank you again for the help !!

    Plugin Author Mark O'Donnell


    Thanks for the link. That is very strange. I’ve never seen that one before so I’m not sure what’s up. I’d need an admin login to look any deeper for you.

    As for the coach, why not take a look at my new Coaching Staffs plugin?


    of course… just let me know whos to get the admin stuff to you!!

    I did try the other plug in but because this is not an actual page that I created and I cannot use a short code, I’m not sure how to combine the two!!

    ok.. or ” Please let me know how I can get the admin credentials to you!!” hahaha…

    Plugin Author Mark O'Donnell


    You cannot combine the two on one webpage right now (without writing some code).

    My e-mail address is:


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