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  • I run a small business via my website. Constant access to this website is vital. The occasional inability to access the website is understandable as plugins are updated. These breaks in accessibility are only very short.

    However, My site has collapsed and no member of the public can see any major parts of it. It is because for some reason WooCommerce has completely disappeared from my dashboard. Some of the plugins remain, but are useless without the main underlying platform.

    I am unable to download the software because it is apparently already downloaded. WooCommerce would like me to send them a “Status Report” from “WooCommerce which is to be found in your dashboard”. It is not in my dashboard and therefore I cannot send the status report. So the online fault reporting form was no good.

    My site has been down for days. I have done everything I can do and now I approach WooCommerce. They told me to do what I have already done. I responded within minutes to their email and am now waiting hours for their response. I need my business up and running. I do not have time to waste. There appears to be no sense of urgency with the help desk. Not a very good service.

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  • Wouldn’t asking for help in the support section here have been a good idea?

    Have you tried downloading the plugin from here and uploading it via CPanel or FTP?

    If it has ‘disappeared’ from your server then that’s a serious issue that you need to get your hosting company to look at!!

    Thanks Sean,

    I went directly to WooCommerce. They were unable to sort it out or explain why it went wrong. I then approached GoDaddy who carry my site, they have a WooCommerce support section. They were able to sort it out, but it did cost a small fee. It turns out the problem lies with the WooCommerce plug-in for Vouchers. It was taken off the market back in May. No-one from WooCommerce told me at the time they lifted the plug-in. Nor did they mention it when I went to them for help. GoDaddy spotted it and fixed it up. All I need now is to find another voucher plug-in.

    Do you think you would have spotted that without access to my account?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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