Planning a rugby site for local club - best way forward for fixture list? (1 post)

  1. lynchypeg
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi community
    Some 'nube questions;

    I'm planning a project for my kids rugby club and need some pointers. The site would consist of each of the 8 age groups having their own sections where they post news which is filtered up to the main site (each age catergory user can only read, write delete their own section content)
    The fixture secretary for the club should be able to put in fixtures for all years but each year group admin can arrange their own listing (listings again filter up to the main site) it would be nice to be able to display these by date.

    Should I investigate one of the team manager plug-ins or is there a simpler way of managing this through custom posts and templates.

    Also we want parents to be added as users to manage their own contact details and give users access to certain areas (documents and photos) - I imagine this is a standard product feature. But if we want to be able to email out from wordpress to the membership - is this a feature of whoever hosts the site or is there an email client in the product?

    Thanks for any help

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