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  • WordPress is excellent, as are the wealth of available plugins; there is some functionality I would like to add, however I want to check if the functionality is either planned in 1.3 or already available as a plugin. If not (or even if so), I’m interested in assisting in the feature creation.
    Integration of Comments with User Accounts: I’m almost certain this is planned for 1.3, since a user_id field was added to the comments table. However, this support is not yet implemented in the current CVS (as of the 10th of the July). This would also add a “Registered Users Only” comment mode for posts.
    View Level Integration: The view level plugin is excellent, however I think it could be better implemented by adding a field to the post table. The view level filtering could then take place at the SQL query level, which should save computation time.
    I apologize if there is a separate forum for 1.3 plans and features (please post a pointer).

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  • Almost forgot about this post, I’ve implemented the View Level plugin and posted it here:

    I’ve also implemented the user comment integration, but I haven’t made a plugin for it (since it would likely be 1.3 only, and I assume the final version will include the functionality).

    There will be no version 1.3 🙂 it is currently version 1.5, and it is still in beta, so you may want to ensure that something hasn’t changed for you since 1.3.

    Yes, my fault, I’ve used 1.3 as a synonym of 1.5 🙂

    I’ve developed this on 1.5 alpha 6, specifically a nightly from late December, I assume it still works in the current builds (unless the actions I hook into have been removed) — I’ll confirm when I have some spare time.

    I’ve tested this plugin on the latest gamma versions, and it still works. However, WordPress does not provide an action hook for me to be able to include protected posts in the archive or category listings.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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