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  1. tomkat
    Posted 7 years ago #

    My article was plagiarized by one of the authors on "Health Wiki News" and illegally posted to their website. Here is the link to the plagiarized article posted on the site Health Wiki News and here is the link to the original version that was published on Suite 101.

    With the exception of the title, the article is copied almost verbatim. Using this article without my expressed written permission violates copyright laws. Also, Suite 101 owns electronic rights to the article for a specified amount of time, so you’re violating their terms of service as well.

    I tried contacting the administration of "Wiki Health News" but the contact info is no good. Please remove the article from the site (Wiki Health News) to prevent further action. I will check back to make sure the article has been removed from the site.

    Original Author

  2. demetris
    Posted 7 years ago #

    tomkat, wordpress.org has nothing to do with that, other than the fact that the website you point to uses the WordPress software, as do millions of other websites over the Web.

    You could try contacting the company that hosts the website.


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