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  • Hello…

    First off .. Fantastic plugin!

    Has anybody played around with hacking the code, so more data gets automatically placed in wordpress?

    The title gets separated from body text by the pipe symbol (|) according the the headline delimiter file.
    Our newspaper uses the excerpt field as a subheading and I thought you could do something like this in the google docs document

    title |
    subheader |
    byline |
    body text

    When I look at the headline delimiter, it uses the explode function to separate the title and body text. But couldn’t you do something like:

    $post_array[ ‘post_title’ ] = strip_tags( $exploded_fields[ 0 ] );
    $post_array[ ‘post_excerpt’ ] = strip_tags( $exploded_fields[ 1 ] );
    $post_array[ ‘custom_field_author’ ] = strip_tags( $exploded_fields[ 2 ] );
    $post_array[ ‘post_content’ ] = strip_tags( $exploded_fields[ 3 ] );

    Hope my question makes sense.. I figured the more data I could place correctly in wordpress the less work it requires afterwords 🙂 The reason we have a custom-field for authors is that we use it for reader submitted content and we don’t want to create a user for every person who writes a reader letter.

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