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  • Hi my first blog and I am trying to replace the blue box in my default theme blog with a jpg file I created.

    I changed the Kubrickheader.jpg file in style.css and ftp’d my jpg file to default images. At first my image appeared and then went back to the plain blue image.

    I do not know if this is enough information for some kind soul to tell a silver surfer what to do in non-technical terms but I will give as much info as required to get help.

    My blog is at

    As I say any help will be warmly appreciated.

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  • Telsave,

    You could try using an absolute path for the header image (I assume it is the background image:


    replace that with: http://sitename/fullpath/images/kubrickcolor.jpg

    and see how it goes.

    Hi Miromiro

    Thanks for this the only place I can see to change this is in the wp-content/themes/default/images file where it now reads :

    $img = ‘’;

    // If we don’t have image processing support, redirect.
    if ( ! function_exists(‘imagecreatefromjpeg’) )

    Sorry to trouble you but is there anywhere else that requires changing you can se at 65 I am not technical.


    Hey, I am wanting to do the same thing, but for the theme ‘notebook’. I am lost because I cannot see how to put an image in the header at all, it has some design that is loaded in pieces, so I’m going to continue the searching.

    But, I can answer your question;
    I saw the kubrickheader.jpg image in the theme folder, which actually makes this easy. It’s 760 x 200 pixels. So just create the image you want in that exact size, and name it kubrickheader.jpg. Then upload into the folder on your server replacing the existing file. I have a domain I used to test this. The header image is mine. If this helps or doesn’t, I’m curious to see your reply. I didn’t have to touch style.css, not sure why one would want to. Just swap out the image.
    (I just saw your second post, sorry. Far easier to drop in the image as I suggested than to mess around with code. Especially since you mentioned not being too technical.)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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