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    I’ve tried to tinker with the Notebook theme I use for my blog. It had only a left sidebar, and I wanted to add one on the right as well. Nothing fancy, Just a rectangle. I added another sidebar but it isn’t placed to the right, it is added to the left of the main section.
    I use as a test site, and my problem can be seen there.
    I tried editing style.css but am unable to see where the style sheet even refers to the sidebars. Index.php and the sidebar.php gave me no clue either. Anyone able to give me a hint how to proceed?
    FWIW, I downloaded the demo of “Stylemaster” and it doesn’t open the style.css so well. I’m wondering if the autor of this theme had some odd tricks that’s making this so tough.

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  • Notebook would be one of the harder themes to customize in this way. Your layout needs to provide for the second sidebar. So it’s a matter of fiddling with the layout, adding a division for the second sidebar, altering some of the other division widths to accommodate the new sidebar, etc., etc., etc.

    I’m not afraid of some trial/error, I just don’t really know which code snippet is responsible for the layout. Is it the style.css file or embedded somewhere else?

    For the sidebar I want to add, I’ll take care of removing the graphics attached, I just want to add a plain right rectangle. If it’s that tough, I can start to look for a new theme.


    It’s not a “code snippet” that’s responsible for the layout. The layout is styled and there are styling hooks starting at <body> and ending at </body>. But what you are interested in, depending on where you want this second sidebar, is prolly going to be in sidebar.php or index.php.

    It concerns layout and CSS. I can’t explain that whole concept to you; you either get it or you don’t. But it’s not a “code snippet” really. Well, I guess it can be if you make a second sidebar division called #sidebar2, dump all the inherited styles in from #sidebar, and alter the rest of the layout divs to make room for it.




    @joetaxpayer, have you updated your theme? I just looked at and it looks like it’s using iTheme by Nick La. Did you know you can download a customized 3-column version of iTheme from MangoOrange?

    Design – yes, I did. From Joni’s remarks I think that ‘notebook’ nice as it was, just wasn’t following some coding norms. I played a bit with iTheme, and now use Mango’s three column version, my actual site is and I didn’t want o flip it to the new theme until I was sure. FWIW, Mango’s coding was straightforward enough that within an hour I was able to add the boxes I wanted for RSS feeds, and an Amazon box, really happy with how it looks, and with nearly a year of posting, the categories and archives are looking good too. Thanks for the reply, I’ll set this post to ‘resolved’.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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