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    what does {{website_url}} return on multisites/network setups? The documentation just says Website URL, but it could be

    1. abc.de (Network site or non-multisite)
    2. abc.de/subsite/ (multisite sub site)

    Will it return the above?
    Please add use case to documentation. Much appreciated


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  • Plugin Contributor Collins Agbonghama


    It will always return the website/subsite url it is currently active in.

    If the plugin is active on https://abc.de/subsite/, it will return https://abc.de/subsite/

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    Hi and thanks for the reply

    I tried it and it went to the root site, not the subsite. It may be an interference with other plugins, but I would need to set up another site to see.
    I also use
    – OneLogin SAML SSO (I keep local login, I dont force login here)
    – Force login (here I use force login)
    – Custom Login (just layout, not tampering anything else)
    – other plugins of course, but not where I have a suspicion on

    It would have been convenient to use placeholders, but if the absolute URL has to be placed for it to work, that is an acceptable workaround


    Plugin Contributor Collins Agbonghama


    Try replacing the content of /peters-login-redirect/Core/src/Helpers.php with https://pastebin.com/raw/8bxu5a2D

    Does that fix the issue?

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    I see, it was taking root of a network before. thanks!

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