• Hi, I was trying to keep and mantain a conversation with UM support thru email, but after a week, no one answwers… So, here I am to see if those 3 people that where answering me thru email, maybe answer me thru here.

    We have updated all our sites to UM (Last and ultimate version). I think it´s 2.0.39.

    Now the seachbox doesn´t work, only shows what it wants, not what there is…

    You told us theu email that our theme was giving problems with something and that we had to choices. 1. Take off anything included at: PLACEHOLDER at Members Forms or to use a child theme.

    So, we opted for the 1st option, because you don´t answer us thru email anymore (where we asked you a week ago, how to apply the child theme that you gaved us?), but as we got no luck and no answer, we took off anything that was included at PLACEHOLDER section for fields.

    Now, after testing option 1: We have same problem as before, the search box doesn´t work as it should, it´s totally crazy. We have hundreds of members (men, women, etc…) and when you search, system says there 1 or 2, depending on search. Just Crazy.

    So, as we do not have support for asking what happened now, as we did what you said to do, and things are just the same….

    We would need to now how to upload the child theme that you sended us thru email and that you used in our site, but that we don´t know how to use it in all our principal sites and not a test subdomain.

    Hopefully, as you didn´t want to give us support in our last support post question here at wordpress.org, because you said that we had and old and stable version of Ultimate Member 1.3.88 (working everything fine, but spanish accents didn´t work), but that for you was old version and that we had to update to 2.0.39, so we did in all our sites. Hopefully you explain us how to use the child theme provided, now that we have the last version of the plugin instaled and where to place those child theme files:

    /Admin (folder)


    – 1) Yes, if you don’t use placeholders for Ultimate Member fields and don’t use the child theme – all will work properly. (IT DOESN´T)

    2) If you plan to use placeholders for fields, so you need to activate the child theme. The latest version of child theme contains the fix for theme settings menu at wp-admin??? (here at wp-admin those files you sended us thru email aren´t installed)

    Hopefully we have your help and support, we have a total of 5000 members in all our sites together and can´t have the search box bursted, as they are all job websites with candidates and companies, plus CVs and so lot. So if they cannot search by city, gender, languages, etc…. we are done).

    Thanks again in advance for any time dedicated to answer this post.

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  • I can update now this post. A friend came to help us and showed us how to place your child theme provided into our wordpress themes and activated it.

    The problem is that didn´t work, the search box doesn´t work, it does not show results after searching…

    So, resuming:

    1. You told us not to use placeholder, so we did and didn´t work.
    2. We used your child theme provided to solve the problem that you said we had, and didn´t solve the problem too.

    So now, we have updated all our sites as you said we had to do to receive support from you and none of them work anymore at search members box.

    Could you please help us to solve this seariuos problem we are facing?

    Thank you.

    Well, we finded the solution, we found the problem.

    Seems that at DB doesn´t update the form fields well.

    I´ll explain my self:

    If you update ex: Candidates looking for job in Madrid or other province (spain), the DB doesn´t update and then the search box gives error.

    WE tryed updating a field in province that said:

    In Madrid for Madrid

    When we did that, the search box didn´t work, BUT if we returned back to: In Madrid, it worked again…

    So, there is the big problem and why the search for gives all this weird problems.

    Thank you.

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