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    My Place Order button disappears on the checkout page when paypal is selected. (it shows momentarily before disappearing)

    I have switched to twentyseventeen theme and deactivated all plugins except Woocommerce V-3.5.6 and Woocommerce paypal checkout gateway V-1.6.10.
    The problem persists.

    I am using Astra theme and it is up to date.
    All plugins are up to date.

    Please help!

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  • Plugin Support John Coy


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Hi @albriro

    It is likely the PayPal button on the checkout page needs to be enabled. You can enabled it within WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > PayPal Checkout > Manage and by enabling the PayPal Mark option.

    Hope this helps!

    Yes, it is enabled.

    To clarify, I am using both Woocommerce Paypal checkout and Woocommerce Square plugins. (some people hate Paypal, so Included the Square pay option). Even if I turn off square and deactivate the plugin, the “Place Order” button still appears momentarily before disappearing. So the plugins do not appear to be in conflict.
    I figured out a workaround, but I wish your plugin was working correctly… Without the workaround there was no “Place Order” button to make a Paypal purchase on the checkout page. With this workaround I get the Paypal orange button, so at least a payment can be made.

    The only way I can make any button appear on CHECKOUT page is to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > PayPal Checkout > Manage… and UNcheck “Enable PayPal Checkout on the cart page”. Now there is only the “proceed to checkout” button on the cart page. I added this PHP snippet (from the Business Bloomer website: to put the cart on the checkout page, which eliminates the need for the cart page, and improves the checkout flow. View cart buttons now take you to the checkout page, where you can see your cart items at the top of the page, and the Paypal orange button under the payment options. Anyways, I hope you keep this post up so it might help others.

    * @snippet Display Cart @ Checkout Page Only – WooCommerce
    * @how-to Watch tutorial @
    * @sourcecode
    * @author Rodolfo Melogli
    * @compatible WooCommerce 3.4.7

    add_action( ‘woocommerce_before_checkout_form’, ‘bbloomer_cart_on_checkout_page_only’, 5 );

    function bbloomer_cart_on_checkout_page_only() {

    if ( is_wc_endpoint_url( ‘order-received’ ) ) return;

    // NOTE: I had to change the name of the shortcode below…
    // …as it would have displayed this site’s Cart…
    // … make sure to use “woocommerce_cart” inside “[]”:

    echo do_shortcode(‘[woocommerce_cart]’);


    Why did you mark this resolved? Just because I have to use a workaround does not mean your plugin works correctly.

    Plugin Support John Coy


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Hi @albriro

    The issue you’re having is not a result of the plugin but rather the site you’re working on. Should anyone else have the same problem, confirm that Use Smart Payment Buttons is enabled and that PayPal Mark is enabled to show the PayPal Mark on the checkout page.

    care to elaborate? I have both those options selected and still no place order button showing

    Hi all,

    I’m dealing with the same issue. I’m using Smart Payment Buttons and enabled the PayPal Mark.

    But the place order button will be missing with PayPal radio button selected.




    hi to all
    I am having the same issue in the checkout page, the place order button is missing and orders are not coming through to me because of it. yes, I have the smart payment buttons and enabled the PayPal mark as well.
    but the place order button will be missing with PayPal radio button selected.
    Has anyone found a solution to the problem?
    But I have noticed that my Live API Signature is visible, I am pretty sure that is was hidden when I first installed it. I have tried placing it back in. but always is visible.

    I to am having this issue. When I select the paypal radio button the place order button rolls up and out of sight. If I select stripe or check payments the place order button comes back on again and I can continue. This just started today 2/19/2020



    Also having this issue. CSS is not the issue here.

    What is the fix?

    I am having the same issues too. Please help

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