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    ok, so i stuck the flags in the header using this code..

    <?php echo do_shortcode('[google-translator]'); ?>

    but, alas, 2 problems surface when i try to float it right using this…

    #flags a {
        display: inline-block;
        float: right;
        height: 12px;
        width: 16px;

    1) the spacing between the flags changes and they become too close together

    2) the order of the flags is backwards 🙂
    i’d like EN first

    nice little plugin BTW

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  • Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi wp.Man, can you provide a link to your website? I will experiment with some styles and see if I can work some magic. Then I can tell you the proper CSS to add to your site. I’ll also be working on this display issue for the next upgrade – it should get better:)


    thanks for the reply 🙂 – the header is pretty standard twenty-twelve

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi wp.Man, try this instead, and let me know how it works:

    <br />
    #flags {<br />
        width:140px;<br />
        float:right;<br />
    }<br />

    I’m assuming you want the flags to float all the way to the right side of your header, and that you want to display flags only.

    I hope that helps!

    Thanks, Rob

    using the #flags … selector (or whatever it’s called) has no effect – it doesn’t reposition the flags and i don’t know why

    using ‘#flags a {‘ does work, but with the caveats mentioned above … and now that i think about it, this is why the order of the flags is reversed 🙂

    were you able to move the div to the right using only ‘#flags {‘?

    if so, i’m doing something wrong

    eh – something is very wrong on my end – the ‘#flags {‘ selector DOES work exactly as it should when i add it vie Firebug, but for some reason it’s not working in my themes css (which is valid) – i’ll have to do some troubleshooting…

    i wonder if “flags” could be conflicting with another style, maybe in a plugin???

    even if not, may be worthwhile avoiding a possible conflict by naming to something like “glt-flags”

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Ouch….I just noticed the code snippet I provided has <br/> tags included. That obviously shouldn’t be there. Did you add those, or did you know they shouldn’t have been included?

    Let me know if this ended up being a theme problem, or if there’s something I can do to help further.


    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Yes, point well taken with re-naming the #flags selector. That might be in the next update.


    you know, some unix geek running a server for a nuclear missile site is going to come here and copy that code you wrote and start WW3 🙂

    anyway, i haven’t been able to get it float right

    i can put the code in Firebug and it works fine
    put in my themes css file and… WHAT AN IDIOT I AM!!!

    i was prefixing it with a dot instead of # !!!

    sorry for the hassle!


    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    I like the word, “resolved”. Let me know if you ever have any other problems.

    Thanks, Rob Myrick

    wp.Man that looks awesome…is there a tutorial on how to do this?

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