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  • Hi.

    excuse me being lazy but is there a place for 2.8 feedback?

    I’d just like to add my voice that the new plugin layout sucks. In 2.8 beta, all plugins are listed together. No splitting apart of active/inactive etc.

    Is this a new “feature” or just something that has not been done yet?

    It is very hard to see which plug in active or not, e.g. at least band them in different colors or something.

    my 2c.


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  • ty


    Kvetch! or Requests and Feedback are the appropriate places for that type of feedback. As for distinguishing between active and inactive plugins, there are links just below the ‘Manage Plugins’ title at the top of the page that allow you to switch views between ‘All’, ‘Active’, ‘Recently Active’, ‘Inactive’, and ‘Upgrade Available’ plugins.
    In addition, when viewing the ‘All’ plugins list, the inactive plugins have grey titles/text, the active plugins have black titles/text, and the plugins with available upgrades have bold black notifications on them as well.

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