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  • You can wait for version 3.5.6, where I intend to provide this capability out of the box.



    I’m looking forward to this feature too as that space is prime real estate. This theme is really amazing and I can’t wait for it to get better with the requested feature above added.

    This is now supported, as of version 3.6.3 (approved today)



    That’s fantastic news – I had placed an image in the Header Background Image Position – aligned right beside my logo, while waiting for this feature. I’ve just upgraded to 3.6.3, but I don’t see any new options in the Header Customization to be able to enable the ad.

    Can you please explain how to place the banner ads in the header area aligned with the logo?

    Thanks – really love the theme.

    Use the “Header Widgets” widget area.



    Thanks for your quick reply.

    I did try that and have really been struggling to figure it out: I changed background image setting to “no image” in Header Customizations and inserted my code with image and link in the Header Widgets, but it pushes off the right of the page. I even tried just leaving the background image in and putting just a link in the Header Widgets, but that scews the area in strange ways.

    I’m sorry to be a bother, and I did try to find style options via firebug but can’t find anything or figure it out — could you please be more specific?

    I really appreciate your time.

    I can’t help without more information, like your URL.



    Thanks again – here’s the url:

    Mr E


    I just posted on this topic before I’d read this (oops). I also am looking to have the widget space wide enough for a 780 pix wide object. Its no problem getting everything else to work, this however is a bugger.

    I am able to do a little code, but with Suffusion I am not sure where to start.

    Since you have turned off that widget area for now I cannot really see what is going on. However my guess is that the tweak is really simple. In Blog Features → Custom Includes → Custom Styles put in:
    #sidebar-12 {float: left;}

    The widget area flexes with the size of the widget. I have not defined any constraints there. So if you are putting in a large image there, do so by all means – it will be displayed. You haven’t provided a link so I don’t know what it is that you are seeing or expecting to see. If you want to display the blog title and description on the left and the image on the right you can control the positions of the title and description through the Visual Effects → Header Customization settings. Beyond that, as I said, I don’t know what you are seeing currently.



    Hi again Sayontan,
    I believe Eric and I are having the same issue.

    What I want is exactly what you see in my header as it is, except that the right image (ad) needs to be clickable. I would have thought the place to do that would be in the Header Customization when we place the background image, just as it is with our foreground image (which you have set to automatically link to our main blog page).

    When I try to use the Header Widget – there must be constraints somewhere which are restricting the placement of the right image and pushing the 728px banner off the right of the page. I believe that’s what Eric was describing and the style definition you gave above didn’t change anything…

    I know nothing about coding this kind of thing, but maybe if you could explain how you thought people could/would use this new Header Widget to accomplish that feature request – how it works when you use/test it – we could figure it out?

    As I said, without a working version of the “bug” I cannot help you. So if you can demonstrate what is happening I can provide you with the fix. I can get it working fine at my end.

    I took a look at my code again and it seems like I was giving you some weird advice. To set the width of the widget area go to Visual Effects → Sidebars and Widget Areas → Widgets in Header, then set the width appropriately.

    Also, please see this post from Suffusion’s support forum:

    Sayontan – Thank you again! That was the step I was looking for but must have passed over in my confusion between using the Header Customization vs the Header Widget and going back and forth between those options. Knew there must have been something defining / restricting size. The instructions on the above forum topic were also helpful in getting the alignment and look I needed.

    I really love what I’ve been able to do with Suffusion and will be singing its praises. Thanks again for your support.

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