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  • I am currently trying to use Pixeled & eShop Plug-In together. Not sure what’s wrong but here’s my shot at explaining…

    eShop, an e-commerce plug-in, is set up like this…

    Website —> Product Page —> Category —> Product

    My set up:

    Site —> Store —> T-Shirt —> Shirt 1

    With Pixeled, the “homepage” only shows the product page, for my case it get stuck at the T-Shirt category. It looks fine on the WP Classic theme, but that is too plain. =X

    Any advice on how to fix this?

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  • That made no sense to me, sorry.

    With eShop products can be ‘attached’ to any page or post – they don’t have to be in a specific category if you don’t want them to be. However a lot of the shortcodes included only work for pages.

    Thanks for the response, let me try to explain it better.

    When using WordPress, the Pages I have set have subcategories. So for example, T-Shirt is a subcategory of Store. And Shirt 1, is a subcategory of T-Shirt.

    However, on the site itself, it only shows first category, which is Store. Not sure whats wrong. It looks normal and everything on the WP Classic Theme, but on Pixeled it doesn’t show up correctly.

    Yes but which bit only shows the first category? is this from an eshop shortcode? and if so, which one ?

    What do you mean shortcode? I’m pretty new to this. =X

    Anything that I can copy and paste over there?

    read the help page within eShop. View the videos on and see if they help.

    Thanks for the advice, however I understand the basics.

    Let me try to use the video as my example.

    Near the end of the Video: Departments, the page shows “Shop, Department A, Product Apple”. With the Pixled theme, it only shows Shop and nothing more. There is no other submenu or anything that will show the subcategories.

    If you try the Pixeled theme, I’m sure it will occur for you as well.

    In that can I have a link to your site – I think I know what it might be.. but would like to see it to be sure.

    This is what I think is the solution…

    Check the eShop settings page for this:
    Sub pages
    Hide sub pages from menu until top level page is visited.

    Make that no, then check your site again to see if that helps.

    Again, thanks for the help. I found that option, but didn’t solve the problem.

    The site is

    speak to the author of the theme and ask him how you can display sub pages – because at the moment it looks like the theme doesn’t.

    ideally you would want a listing in the left hand area – near “Recent Posts” – that shows children of the current page (ie pages that have the current page as parent).

    Not an eShop issue.

    When you create the plugin there is a section that asks if you want to force it to go to the main category first, before going to sub-categories, you must have checked yes.

    Go to settings in your admin panel, choose eshop, on the general tab scroll down till you see this.

    Sub pages
    Hide sub pages from menu until top level page is visited.

    Check off no, and I think this will fix your problem with the t-shirts.

    Oh I just saw elfins post, so it didn’t work. Sorry about that, logged in before reading to the end.

    How are you setting up your categories?

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