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“Pixel” Theme – Header Troubles

  • Hi there,

    We are using the Pixel theme at http://www.discoradio.org.uk and would like to add our logo to the top header part.

    However, our logo is larger than the header and spills out of the header. Making the logo smaller is not really an option as the image begins to distort.

    So, is there any way we would be able to edit the height of the header (the image will replace where it says ‘Listen Live’ at the top)?

    Any help is appreciated.


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  • esmi


    Forum Moderator

    No easily, no. 🙁

    Pixel is a really difficult theme to customise as the entire upper page background is a single image attached to the <body> tag. So in order to increase the header, you’d also need to customise the page background image.

    Making the logo smaller is not really an option as the image begins to distort.

    It could be that you don’t have access to some decent image resizing filters/algorithms. It would also help if the 5 icons on the top left could be moved over, down or both. That would give you some more room for the logo display. With all due respect, the icons need tidying up anyway…

    Alright – thanks!

    However, I’ve now managed to mess it up and stupidly can’t find my copy of header.php! Could you help me restore the links to the top of the page?




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    I can’t see any problems. Did you manage to fix header.php or have I missed something?

    Just download the theme again and use the fresh code to copy and paste and fix any problems. Thats what I do.

    so in order to customise the header i need to edit the bgbody.jpg and add my header image over the top of the origianl image and re save it to bdbody.jpg yeah?

    so whats the code to hide the title and description via css for SEO purposes?
    i cant hide the description, found on the net somewhere aboout the title.

    cheers for any help

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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