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  • Is there any plug-ins for wordpress that will show the most recently added picture from PixelPost? I had found one (, but when it’s installed it shows nothing. Is there something a little more current out there? As I had even tried using the Addon for Pixelpost to show recent image elsewhere on your site, and that wont work either!

    I really enjoy using Pixelpost for my photoblog (, and I would love to be able to somehow be able to intergrate them both (at least being able to see the recently added picture to my wordpress)

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  • Edit: Didn’t realize you solved it yourself 😉

    I have that plugin up and running at my website.

    When i updated it, it stopped showing up (just showed a blank), until I realized that it was because I had the settings wrong within the plugin php file. Check to make sure you have the settings right (most of the time it’s the path to your pixelpost folder within the settings that is wrong.)

    For example, my blog resides on the base /public_html/ folder, and my pixelpost blog is within /public_html/pixelpost/

    Thus, in the plugin file, the setting is:

    $PixelPost_local_address = “./pixelpost/”;

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