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  • Hello guys,
    I would like to ask you what extra benefits does Pixel Caffeine has in comparison with the official Facebook pixel Woocommerce plugin that is available through FB Business Dashboard.

    Thank you

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  • the added features are :
    product feed and catalog sync
    custom audience creation
    custom conversion event triggers

    huge missing feature, which is a deal breaker to many –
    does not support facebook conversions api.
    this means all pixel events are fired on client side, not server side.
    for ecommerce, this means that many people with newest chrome/firefox and adblocks will block the 3rd party cookie of facebook and then Purchase events won’t fire.

    I recommend using Facebook official or PixelYourSite until this plugin is revamped with server-side FB Conversions API

    Plugin Author Antonino Scarfì



    sorry for my late response here!

    Thanks @jstav for the update. Anyway, the client-side implementation is the official way from the Facebook documentation and the server-side way might not work in any server. So, I’d avoid Pixel Caffeine only for this reason.

    Anyway, I’m working on server-side implementation too. I hope to release it soon 🙂


    I recently installed pixelyoursite, however Pixel Caffeine looks like a better/easier UX for less technical store owners and marketers to manage (+ it includes product catalogue) so I’m considering moving to Pixel Caffeine for client ease 🙂

    Plugin Author Antonino Scarfì


    Thank you @phirefly!

    @phirefly yup, pixelyoursite is a huge mess, UX wise..
    hopefully pixel caffeine catches up to the basic features of facebook conversion api and Standard Events. at the moment it is great as a standalone pixel, but not suitable for ecommerce / marketing forms.

    obviously @antoscarface maintains this for free and all the praise to him for creating a lightweight, bloat-free and ad-free plugin 🙂
    That said, and huge thumbs up don’t get me wrong.. but I’d defo pay a premium to have better ecommerce support, conversion api server-side events, and third-party Form plugins support (Gravity Forms,WPForms,Contact Form 7 etc) with ability to fire facebook Standard Events based on type of form (Lead,CompleteRegistration,Contact,Schedule etc).

    Yeah, I’m mainly using it for woocommerce. Small business who would like to eventually manage it themselves…so Pixel Caffeine looks far more appealing in that respect (UX) and also Facebook shop feed included. Kudos @antoscarface 🙂

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    Hey, is there an estimate on when the server side tracking will be available in the Plugin?

    Plugin Author Antonino Scarfì



    I’m on it, I don’t know when I will be able to release it, but I hope very soon no later than 1 month.

    @antoscarface ‘Say hello to my little friend!’ 🙂

    Thanks for the update! hope so.
    Appreciate your work.

    Make Pixel Caffeine GREAT AGAIN!

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    Just confirming a big wish for this conversion API support as well.
    Thank you!

    Hello Antonino,
    i read in your recent post that version pixel caffeine with api conversion will be released very soon. Have you any update when?

    I use this plug in from long time and i want not change, i think it is the best and you are great!

    Thanks a lot and great work!

    Plugin Author Antonino Scarfì


    Hey everyone,

    thank you for your support and sorry for the delay on this!

    I’m working on this and I’m preparing the new release with this new feature! 🙂

    I hope to make it available within this week or early next week at most.

    Keep updated on the changelog!

    Amazing work Sir!
    Looking forward to it.

    Would you consider adding Forms integration, to fire facebook pixel Standard Events upon form submission?
    e.g: Lead, Purchase, Schedule, CompleteRegistration etc.
    fbq(‘track’, ‘Lead’);

    The ‘official’ plugin by facebook does this, but lacks control and customization over which event to fire per form.
    Of course, doing this via server-side conversions API would be the only way to reliably record these events (especially due to iOS14 changes, and first-party cookies enforcement).

    At fb’s plugin github you can see their methods.

    I would defo pay a premium for such enhancement 🙂

    Plugin Author Antonino Scarfì


    Hi @jstav,

    not for the first iteration, unfortunately. I’ll try to do my best for the next releases! 🙂

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