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    First of all thank you for Piwik, its a great tool! My problem is I installed the piwik plugin in my blog and for some reason it just stopped working. As far as i could see it was all configured correctly so after a while I tried the “Reset WP-Piwik settings except auth token and Piwik URL option”. After that my blog crashed and when it recovered I tried completely deleting and reinstalling the plugin which didn’t work either. On the tracking configuration, when i select the option it just says “waiting for www. etc and it does nothing. I would appreciate any help you can give me because I’m really not an expert in this. thanks!

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    • What does “stopped working” mean in detail?
    • Did you update your Piwik (not WP-Piwik) just before the plugin stopped working?
    • What does “my blog crashed” mean? The reset function should just deleted all WP-Piwik settings without affecting the blog itself.
    • Did you try the test script available via the support tab?

    – When i say stopped working I mean i got the following message, “An error occured: Please check URL and auth token” and it stopped tracking. The same happened for two other blogs that i have the piwik button installed in but after a short term it began to work again whereas for this blog ( it stayed the same.I checked the settings and everything was correct from what i could see.

    – Piwik was fully updated before this occurred.
    – After i used the reset function I got a 505 internal error page (or something similar) saying that i needed to contact the webmaster or hosting. Then eventually the page recovered.

    – Yes, I tried the test script first before i reset the WP-Piwik settings and everything seemed fine……

    Plugin Author braekling


    If you updated Piwik before, you should check if the Piwik URL you configured in WP-Piwik corresponds to the trusted Piwik URL configured in Piwik itself.

    See about the “Trusted Piwik Hostname”.

    If you like to completely un- and reinstall WP-Piwik, have a look at this thread:

    I completely un- and reinstalled WP-Piwik and it worked. Thanks very much for your help!

    Plugin Author braekling


    Great! It’s nice to hear it works again 🙂

    I re-installed the plugin serveral times now and it all works fine until I check the “insert tracking code”. Then, I will get the same error as localnomad.

    I can help it by entering the piwik path on the server, but then for me as a logged in user, the homepage just shows the soruce, for other users, it’s fine. Admin panel works as it should.

    Other blog, same server, same Piwik Install (checked the trusted domains), everything works fine.

    The test script says 404 for the first, 204 for the second request, using the URL in the browser, I have 200 in both cases, returning an empty script.

    Oh, I’m using WP3.5 Piwik 1.9.2 and WP-Piwik 0.9.7

    Hmmm… Disabling the “Display Stats in WP Toolbar” seems to at least fix the strange source code issue…

    I’m fine with that and will wait for the next update 😉

    Plugin Author braekling


    Doesn’t sound like a similar problem localnomad had?!

    What does “200, returning an empty script” mean? You get an result, but it’s absolutely empty?

    – 404/204 in combination with a 200 & valid result using your browser sounds like a server misconfiguration regarding htaccess or similar (HTTP request via script blocked),
    – 404/204 with a 200 and an 200 but empty result using your browser indicates an issue with your Piwik setup (Piwik does not answer API calls).

    Are you using woocommerce? In this case a similar issue (source code instead of html rendering) occurred.

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