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    Hi braekling,

    I’m using WP-Piwik with the option “Use js/index.php” on the Tracking tab.

    I’m finding that when I test my site with YSlow (via, it reports this issue:

    There is 1 static component without a far-future expiration date:

    But if I change WP-Piwik to use the option “Default tracking”, which means it uses then I don’t get this issue with YSlow anymore – this file is correctly cached.

    So it seems that for some reason, the /js/ option doesn’t seem to like being cached. Can you shed any light on how I can change this?

    For the record, I have enabled caching in my .htaccess file like this:

    ExpiresActive on
      ExpiresByType text/html                 "access plus 1 hour"
      ExpiresByType application/javascript    "access plus 1 week"

    (plus numerous other types too)

    I don’t know whether the /js/index.php file would fall into the category of text/html or application/javascript, but either way, it should be cached according to the above settings, right?

    Any ideas?

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  • Plugin Author braekling


    It doesn’t expire in far-future, because it is a php file and no js file. You htaccess is configured to add a expiration date to HTML and JS files, but (for good reason!) not to PHP files.

    But /js/index.php uses the if-modified-since header, so there it should be cacheable by a browser anyway. If this doesn’t work, you should ask the Piwik community:

    I see. Thanks for the explanation!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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