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  • hi,

    Thanks for the article. As I have already turned to Piwik, etc, but so far no solution / answer I ask you once received.

    I have added the following in my htaccess WordPress:

    RewriteCond% {HTTPS}! = On
    RewriteRule ^ (. *) https://% {SERVER_NAME} / $ 1 [R, L]

    since then will be no more tracking. I take it out, it works flawlessly.

    Only without the, my home is not in SSL mode. Although I have everything set correctly in WordPress.

    What could the problem lie with Piwik?

    Thank you for help and advice.


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  • Plugin Author braekling


    This forum is about the WordPress plugin WP-Piwik, not about Piwik itself. Visit to get support on Piwik.

    If you are using WP-Piwik and the correct tracking code is added to your site, WP-Piwik itself seems to work fine.

    Btw: Is your Piwik server available using a SSL connection? The tracking code uses HTTPS if the page itself (WordPress) is also requested by a secured connection

    Thanks for the reply.

    With Piwik Forum itself, I have not received any reply yet. Yes, SSL is all right.

    If I delete the code in the htaccess file, it will track again.

    According to the test, it will track with the code, but it is nothing to see. He does not see any page that goes in with https. Only with http.

    Hi, so I get it. Was just a simple mistake in the installation. It works great.

    Only WP – Piwik no longer works. The automatic code is not displayed. Url and token but is correct.

    Only for tracking nothing happens. Also in the back there is no tracking registration / recording.

    So I have now manually install the code. Then I can delete the plugin practically is that right? Or does the plugin really?

    Since it does not work for me anyway, it would not matter.

    Does this have anything to Tuen now with ssl?

    Plugin Author braekling


    WP-Piwik is intended to show Piwik statistics in your WordPress dashboard. As additional feature WP-Piwik also allows to add Piwik’s tracking code into your blog’s source code automatically.

    If you don’t need dashboard statistics and your tracking code is added manually, you also don’t need WP-Piwik.

    To get WP-Piwik working, check following:

    – Is “add tracking code” enabled (settings -> tracking)?
    – Are your “don’t track settings” okay? I.e.: If you are logged in as admin, you configured “don’t track administrator” and you try to track yourself, this won’t work 😉
    – If an error occured while caching was enabled (in, try to reset WP-Piwik (settings -> support) and disable cache for a short time (available in

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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