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    I’m troubleshooting why my WP-Piwik plugin or Piwik installation, which both have been fine for almost three months, have not been detecting users’ visits for the last five days including my tested site visits on a device without admin login. I have Piwik installed on separate server from the WordPress installation.

    The plugin’s Settings home page reports that:

    You are using Piwik 2.1.0 and WP-Piwik
    Auto site configuration is enabled.
    Tracking code insertion is enabled.

    I’ve tested whether it may be my API by resaving the settings but it didn’t help. After doing so, my stats history on the WP-Piwik plugin dashboard and navbar chart have been reset, for some reason. The Piwik installation however continues to show stat history so I believe the issue may lie with the plugin.

    As suggested elsewhere on this forum, I’ve tried deactivating my cache plugin, W3 Total Cache, and reactivating it without a fix.

    Does anyone know what else I should do to troubleshoot or fix?

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    Is the tracking code still added to your site?

    Thanks for responding. Yes, the tracking code is still present. The problem seems to have been partly resolved.

    I added the site again to the Piwik installation without removing the old one and the plugin and installation now track the site. I now have two sets of stats for one site and some return visitors appear as new.

    I don’t know what caused the change but it currently works. Thanks for the plugin.

    same problem here.
    not sure how to fix it so far.

    seem to be fixed now. I am using multi site.
    Did these steps:
    1. Network Admin -> Settings -> WP-Piwik -> Support -> Reset WP-Piwik settings except auth token and Piwik URL
    2. Network Admin -> Settings -> WP-Piwik -> Tracking -> enable Add tracking code
    3. Network Admin -> Settings -> WP-Piwik -> Support -> Get site configuration details -> Create new site

    @lkrnac, thanks for the tip. My problem may have been the Piwik installation, separate from the WP-Piwik plugin. I reset the site tracking in the installation and it recommenced tracking. I haven’t figured out what led to the problem and how to integrate results for the old and new tracking.

    Thanks, I am suspecting the upgrade to Piwik, but I can’t recall if tracking stopped when I last updated.

    @lkrnac many thanks, this worked.
    You might like to know step 3 seems not necessary, as when I get visitors to a subsite it auto creates. Which is a relief as I have a pretty large multi-site.

    resetting settings actually worked only for few visits from my mobile. but it didn’t track all other visits since that. any thoughts? should I post any configuration details?

    Any one got any ideas about combining back the two sets of data I have now? Just looked at teh PiwIk Forums but is seems combing 2 sets of data was asked for years ago, but no feature exists. maybe some SQL?

    Quick update for my problem. It started working when I did this additional step after after resetting WP-Piwik settings:

    Network Admin -> Settings -> WP-Piwik -> Tracking -> Use js/index.php

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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