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    This version of PiwigoPress doesn’t seem to be compatible with the version 2.6.0 of Piwigo. I got the following PHP error :

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /[WordPressPATH]/wp-content/plugins/piwigopress/PiwigoPress_code.php on line 62

    I’m using this plug-in to display random pictures of my Piwigo gallery and it was doing fine until Piwigo’s update.

    From what I understand, $pictures = $thumbc["result"]["images"]["_content"]; returns NULL (line 61).

    I replaced
    $pictures = $thumbc["result"]["images"]["_content"];
    $pictures = $thumbc["result"]["images"];
    and everything works again nicely 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Norbert


    Thanks, had the same problem. I can confirm that your fix worked in my installation, too.

    Again, thanks a lot!


    Very good tip !

    Thanks, it works!!!!

    Thank You :). I can confirm the fix still works.





    Happy to hear it’s still working.
    Si ça peut aider, j’ai posté la version française des explications sur mon site, ici :

    Plugin Author Norbert


    For those searching for more complete solutions for WordPress 2.9 etc, I have fixed incompatibilities. Here is the text from another post in a different thread here:
    I have finally found the time to fix some annoying bugs when using PiwigoPress on WordPress 3.9 (and above). In addition, I have added some features I wanted to have. Here are my changes:

    * fix for Piwigo 1.6 version (from the forum here)
    * fix for tinyMCE v4 integration (javascript code updated)
    “generate and insert” was broken and only inserted the first image

    The improvements are all targeting encryption of all sources. One problem is that t the moment, when using PiwigoPress, javascript code, css code are loaded via http:// in any case.
    The other problem is that the URL for the PiwigoServer cannot be specified *without* a protocol and server, in case the piwigo server is on the same host. Now in my case I have the blog in <server>/blog and the piwigo in <server>/piwigo, and I would like PiwigoPress to use “/piwigo” as url and have the proper (currently used) http/https added automatically.

    Both of these things have been fixed in the code, that means, that one can now have the full communication encrypted.

    The patch is available at

    The changes I made are also available via the gitorious project wp-piwigo, see here:

    I would happily contribute this to the subversion and upstream.



Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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