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  • well it does say it’s a test in the link, maybe they’re trying to mod it?

    Plus they screwed it up so it makes them look even worse.

    Unfortunately, it isn’t theft so there is little you can (or should) do.
    I like yours better:)!

    Actualy, that’s a misnomer. Unfortunatly, it’s too late in this case, but you can copyright a design, but it has to be noted. Otherwise the copyright generaly only applies to the content.
    I took a peak at their source code, and I’ve got an idea. They are still using the same banner image that you are using (hot linked to your site no less!) I say rename it to something else and change your site to use the new name. Create a new image, give it the old name, and have it say (in big red letters) “THIS IS A PIRATED WEB DESIGN!”
    It’s just an idea and sure to get someone’s attention.

    Actually if you go the “main” page of this blog: and look at the layout list (right menu bottom: Bloga stili=Blog’s Styles/themes/layouts) you won’t find the “stolen” css among them. It’s a test – a 16 years old kid’s curiosity 🙂

    I don’t steal it. I just want to see how their nav bar works. Later I will delete this file.

    OK I deleted this file.

    Thx enter, lol thats a nice tip techgone :P, neways if you need any help making the navbar similar to mine, I would be very happy to help. Just drop a comment on my site and ill get back to u.

    Actually, any peice of work created is automatically copyrighted as soon as it takes tangible form… the notice just makes it easier to enforce. Write the guy an email telling them that they are breaking the law and ask them to stop using your design. Section 17 of US copyright law is what you want to read if you plan on persuing this more.

    it’s only enforcible once you try to sell something. and he was only using it as a guide.

    @ DB > read more carefully: the guy deleted the file 8 days ago 🙂
    And I have doubts about the “Section 17 of US copyright law…” being enforced somewhere in the Baltics. (I hope Bush wouldn’t send troops for that!)

    unless oil is involved 😐

    Hehz copyright is one interesting thing.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    realy interesting text about copyright. Is that all true?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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