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    The plugin was working ok on my testing hosting. But when I moved the site to client hosting, which is hosted on Pantheon, it stopped working.

    This is the url to call pipes:

    If you click it, you will see nothing happens.

    When I test the pipe it works fine, but I want to set cronjobs.

    Please, can you give me a hand?


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  • kowabungawp


    Hi Rolling Stone,

    I have seen your plugin on other topics. However, I don´t feel comfortable paying $29 to an external developer for a feature that should be there as stated on plugin details. I would prefer to give the original author the money if they offer it as a premium plugin with the cronjob feature fixed.

    Thanks anyway.

    Tung Pham, are you there? Is there any possible solution for this?

    I only have one pipe set. Is there an alternative method of executing this pipe?
    I have WP Crontrol plugin installed and there is an option to add PHP code to execute.

    By the way, I do not see the event listed in Cron Events:
    Screen Capture of WP Crontrol Cron Events
    Should it be there?

    I look forward to hearing from you,


    Plugin Author Tung Pham


    Hi @kowabungawp,

    Because of the special features of our WPPipes plugin, it could not work interact with WP Cronjob.

    I tried to visit but it seems there is something preventing the processing of that link. It brings me to your homepage. Please check your system if there is any plugins causes the conflict!

    Best Regards!



    Yes, that´s because I uninstalled the plugin and installed WPeMatico.
    It does the same job but the cronjob feature works fine.

    It is also free, has better features and is more customizable.

    Sorry I had to go for an alternative.

    Thanks for all!

    Rolling Stone


    Good news is you seem find the solution for yourself! Cheer!

    About my cronjob plugin, I am asking the authors for having co-operation chance. Hopefully they will inform about my plugin in next versions as a good choice for users beside the cronjob feature core.



    I tried WPeMatico before, we can’t compare it to Wp-pipes, because it’s limited an Wp-pipes is more developed.

    Rolling Stone


    I agree with ewan-norman!

    And hopefully @kowabungawp will back with WPPipes soon 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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