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  • I think you can make your ‘services provided’ text like website hosting, website mgmt etc. a link so that a user can directly reach to the description of those services.Also you need to put some more information on to your pages. Rest your site looks cool. I liked your slideshow too.

    Oh, I was unsure what you meant at first….you are saying have the home page have links to redundant content? no (the menu does that properly)…the home page is short and sweet and by design…links elsewhere distract and take away from the home page…

    Well, I did go ahead and add a lot more to the home page.

    Take a look!

    I don’t really see a web designer behind your website. Perhaps you should show examples of webdesign and your services instead of focusing on the blog.

    Secondly, your blog appears to be anything else but about web design.

    When I first looked at your site, your pvwd logo at the top resembled arabic characters, especially that d and with that arch. Which is fine if that is what you intended.

    I will take that advice in stride as I review your posts here and see self-promotion and shooting down folks in this section.

    Your site linked to here: // has some obvious markup errors.

    Your site: // does not appear to be a WPORG site.

    My sites are all WPORG sites, with custom child themes.

    And, if you read even the first post or footer, you would see this is a new site I am migrating from another site.

    Anyway, It’s a very unique WordPress website using a custom child theme and CSS fully designed by me.

    Enjoy, but self promotion here is frowned upon.

    And, last, after reading this:

    “If I were you, I would put some nice photos, a good header with your logo and a background image to set the mood – so people know what they are applying to. Lure people in before asking their age :)”

    I can now rest well and ignore your comment.

    @patalexander_ny, It’s a font I like…and the site is Pioneer Valley Web Design with images of the area. Do the images look arabic? Do you not see the location listed?

    I did not promote myself in any way.

    The sites you talk about was before I learned wordpress. Those are old projects.

    But I’m sorry I misread your post.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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