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  • Greetings:

    I am a sometime web developer but at present a non-user of WP.

    I’ve been questioned by a realtor whose first tongue is Mandarin Chinese. She wishes to develop a website – probably including ported over data (Multi List Service records on for-sale houses) – using Chinese characters, specifically pinyin.

    I think I have two questions:

    She wants the website to display text in pinyin. That seems to be the de facto romanization scheme for character conversion.

    ?1: Does the pinyin charset play nicely in the current iteration of WP?

    Regarding imported data (MLS data about houses for sale), trying to determine how (if possible) to easily convert the data display to pinyin:

    ?2: Are there sites or other services that will translate or transliterate English -> pinyin on the fly? If yes, does a WP mechanism exist to accept a data import on the fly?

    If it isn’t obvious, this is my first adventure into language and charset conversion. I’m not certain how to evaluate whether I want to get involved in this project.

    Thoughts and suggestions welcomed.



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