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  • Hello,

    I have tried several social sharing plugins.
    But with every plugin, for Pinterest save share button there is a same error message:
    Sorry! Something went wrong on our end. Please try again.

    Does anybody know why I’m having this issue?

    Thanks for the help.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I am on ipage too.

    Is everybody else on this chain on ipage?

    I also tried it making sure I was using https, and it still didn’t work.

    Yes I did as well, they tried telling me that was why it wasn’t working, and that did not solve. I am def leaving ipage, the first tech guy at ipage told me it was ipage’s end after running a report, then I got an email from someone else stating it was not. I will probably change my whole domain from ipage because mine is through there as well. My subscription is coming up for renewal in 60 days anyway

    FYI @inacove I have since switched my hosting company from Ipage. I am now able to Pin again, I strongly believe it is something on Ipage’s end and sent them a message about it as I was canceling my services. Pinterest did a scan and it was showing that THEIR certificate had a glitch somewhere.

    I use GreenGeeks as my host and I have been through the gammit trying to figure out why the Pin It button is not working. I’ve just put links on each blog post that says “Click here to save this to your Pinterest boards” and a link to the pin I manually added to Pinterest.

    It’s very frustrating that this is still not working and Pinterest doesn’t seem to care when it comes to trying to solve the problem. I realize they have millions of users, but it doesn’t seem like we are a small subset.

    I try it every once and a while, but it never works for me. It’s so frustrating!

    @craftyjulienow yes it is VERY frustrating especially when most people depend on Pinterest traffic for marketing. I tried even manually adding my pins and would not work. I am PRAYING it continues to work, if it does not I will stay on Pinterest no joke. You are with a diff host as me so this is obviously a Pinterest issue now. I think I will start advertising to see how many people are having this issue. If they get enough complaints/tickets about this issue maybe they will do something. If I hear anything new I will update. I am tempted to send this forum link to Pinterest so they see its many host sites not just one.

    @heathergantt Has anyone figured out what is going on with this? I am having the same issue. Different host than mentioned here. Pinterest also told me it was a certificate issue but there doesn’t seem to be an issue with my cert. Also made sure there was nothing to block their crawlers. Just wondering if anyone has figured out what could be causing this.

    Tried the url debugger and it showed Rich Images were detected but nothing from the site was validated.

    Update: This is likely an ssl issue. If your host uses cpanel autossl it does not contain the correct key to work with Pinterest. I am trying to figure out what and why and how to fix this. But a quick, easy and free fix to this pin problem is cloudflare. Setup your site using their free option. Make sure your dns matches what is in cpanel and then setup your ssl certificate through cloudflare. Give it about 30 minutes to an hour to propagate and you will be able to pin! Just did this for a client of mine and it worked.

    You can check your ssl at I did this before and the autossl recieved a B. I ran it again after the change to cloudflare and it still picked up the original autossl. It again gave it a B, but it also picked up the new ssl cert and it received an A! All good on her site now.

    @bettylouhosting – Unfortunately this is not the case for me. I have updated to a SSL certificate and not an autossl from my host. I’ve tested through the SSL labs and I come back with an A+ every time. Still to no avail, my site will not work with the Pinterest button or any other widgets. I still get the “Sorry! Something went wrong on our end. Please try again” message.

    I was able to fix the issue, by simply removing the data-pin-custom="true" from the pintit.js script tag so it looks like this <script type="text/javascript" async defer src="//"></script> and moved it to the a tag, like so <a href="" data-pin-do="buttonBookmark" data-pin-custom="true">

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    has anyone else had luck with modifying the pinit.js script suggested by ibrazilian2?

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