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  • I have started using the Pinterest button in the sharing section of Jetpack, however when I try it out it seems to ‘grab’ the post thumbnail, which I have set for quite small, and I have other sizes set which I would like it to use – is there a way to do this, by stating which post thumbnail size it should go for ie medium, large, original, one I have created etc??

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  • Does anybody have an answer for this, as I have been searching this forum and Google for one to no avail??! 🙁

    Same! Except I would just like it to pull the ‘featured image’ of the post without using the thumbnail size, or cropping it! All the images that get pinned using this plugin get cropped and look bad once pinned!

    I decided to mess with it a bit. I got it to change the image size and it will still pull the post attachment image, but it’s no longer cropped! 🙂
    In /wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/sharedaddy/sharing-sources.php edit line 1119 from $thumb = wp_get_attachment_image_src( $thumb_id );
    to $thumb = wp_get_attachment_image_src( $thumb_id , 'large' );

    Hope this helps some people! 🙂

    Thanks, Ill give that a shot!

    Niels Christian


    This might help

    Havent tried it out yet though.

    also found it on line 1156:

    if ( function_exists('has_post_thumbnail') && has_post_thumbnail() ) {
    			$thumb_id = get_post_thumbnail_id();
    			$thumb = wp_get_attachment_image_src( $thumb_id, 'full' );
    Niels Christian


    Just to note that using


    instead of


    , did not work for me. But using

    $thumb = wp_get_attachment_image_src( $thumb_id, 'large' );

    as silverandrew was suggesting did work on line 1158.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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