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    We are aware that Pinterest feeds and getting an Access Token are not possible at this time. It was without warning and no emails or reasoning as to why. We have created a new app and submitted all the details and are waiting approval. Hopefully they will get this corrected this week. Thanks for everyone’s patience during this down time. We did a follow up on Friday the 13th, 2020 and this was the response we received.

    This was a reply we received on yesterday after I did an inquiry as to the hold up. We are really hoping they get to it next week as we have many unhappy users right now.

    I checked your app ID and it looks like your app is not approved yet. While your app is not approved, your rate limit will be 10 calls per hour per token and you won’t be able to authenticate users who aren’t collaborators or testers of your app.

    So sorry about the delay here, there is a large backlog of app approvals that the team is working through right now. They’ll get back when they can, but right now we don’t have an ETA. We’re working with them to try and get through the backlog and hope to get you a decision soon.

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  • Hello, can we have some news on this problem please ? more than 2 weeks that i wait… Thanks

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    Hi @clyde1021,

    No update unfortunately. We are at the mercy of Pinterest. We are in line with other developers, waiting for Pinterest to correct their issue. Every day that this is not resolved, we reach out to them, and our requests are not returned. Wish we had better news at this time.

    Still not working nor is the Twitter feed as well any updates?

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    Hi @bcmfanimals,

    Regarding Twitter:
    Please go into your Twitter app settings, go to Account > Data and Permissions > Apps and Sessions > click SlickRemix Plugins, then under Permissions, click Revoke Access.

    Return to your WordPress dashboard. Under Feed Them > Twitter Options, please try again to acquire an Access Token. Even in the event of an error message, scroll down and click the green ‘Save All Changes’ button. Then go to Feed Them > Settings and generate a new Twitter shortcode.

    Regarding Pinterest:
    In our most recent update, (and as of April 20, 2020), we have disabled the Pinterest access token button (hopefully only temporarily) due to Pinterest’s lag in any update or response. If/when Pinterest resolves this issue, we will return access for our users. We feel discarded by Pinterest, receiving no replies to any of our inquiries. We are left to question/wonder if the pandemic may have something to do with it? Or perhaps something else?

    Again, if/when Pinterest resolves this, we will re-enable our access token and reply (happily for a change) to all of our affected users. I wish we had better news. Stay safe.



    so your product no longer supports pinterest?

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    Hi @jessyhanley,

    We do still support Pinterest. However, we are still waiting for Pinterest to “re-approve” our app submission. After six weeks of our inquiries being ignored by Pinterest, our developers have temporarily disabled the Pinterest access token (since it can not return anything without Pinterest’s approval), and will re-enable it if/when Pinterest gets back to us with an approval, denial, or ANY correspondence whatsoever.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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