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  • I was looking for the same and only I found this

    any NEW plugin that actually works? these two do not work anymore…

    how does that plugin work?

    Hey guys – there is only one plugin that works. We use it on about 35 domains (a mix of Pro and Basic), and it auto-pins each post to Pinterest with no problems. pinterestmagic [ link to non-GPL plugin moderated ]

    2 fluffypony – I am sorry, but pinterestmagic has one big showstopper:

    IonCube Loader must be installed

    It means it’s encoded and if/when Pinterest changes something you screwed until you get an update from the developer.

    Use NextScripts, it’s open source and works very well. it’s also all-in-one plugin that includes Google+, Twitter, Facebook and some other networks.

    @max-k – sure, but even if the source code was freely available I highly doubt any of us would 1. pay for it, and 2. be able to change it. I wouldn’t blame a vendor for protecting their code.

    Also – NextScripts is $49 (on sale) and PinterestMagic is $30. I’m voting with my wallet!

    Pro Edition is $45, which is almost the same.

    Also it says “$30 per domain” and “$45 per domain”, so according to you on your “35 domains (a mix of Pro and Basic)”, you paid for it: (I am assuming your mix is 10 Pro and 25 Basic)

    10 “Pro” + 25 “Basic” = $450 + $750 = $1200

    NextScripts is $49 for as many domains as you like and it includes Google+, Blogger and LinkedIn for that price.

    Wow, $1200 vs $49 – you have really voted with your wallet.


    You get what you pay for – I have no ghosting issues on any of the accounts, and the pins all say “Pinned via PinMarklet”. That’s a pretty important thing for me.

    Also – PinterestMagic have a bulk pricing section. Hard to miss.

    Oh I see “BULK LICENSES”

    $75 Basic for 5 domains $115 Pro for 5 domains

    So your 35 Domains:
    10 “Pro” + 25 “Basic” = $230 + $375 = $605

    So really you have paid $605, it’s better then $1200, but still it’s more then ten times more then $49.

    WordPress pinterest automatic plugin is a good working one check it here

    it is not free but just 5 bucks .

    Max-K, don’t bother. There is no limit on what some people would do to promote their over expensive products. Ignoring the act that we are talking about a huge price difference, you have to love the strong point he is emphasizing:

    ” the pins all say “Pinned via PinMarklet”. That’s a pretty important thing for me.”

    What?! Are you serious?

    Now, even if this wanna be plugin would be free, I still wouldn’t use it. One’s character says a lot about a product. Just imagine dealing with this guy in need of support. So yes, codecanyon and google search. is a decent solution, if it works well, but most of the services are covered for free by Jetpack. I would pay for google+ and pinterest.

    @Webyx – obviously you haven’t checked the website, and would prefer to go on 6 month old information. First things first: unlike your obvious shill post, I am not connected with PinterestMagic or TopicSpan at all. Your inference that I am promoting the product is nonsensical at best. At any rate, the price of the plugin dropped ages ago – $4 per domain for the Basic edition, $6 per domain for the Pro edition, and unlimited licenses at $200 (Basic) and $300 (Pro). I was refunded the difference after I pointed them to this thread – they changed the price and refunded me.

    As to why pinning via PinMarklet is important to me – every automated tool and plugin I’ve used (including NextScripts, for which I was refunded due to it not having the level of support I wanted and required, PinterestMagic did) looked too unnatural. I wanted my pins to look natural, even if they were automated. This is why going via PinMarklet was important to me – I did not imply it was important to everyone, and your assumption that I meant otherwise is douchebaggery of the highest order. Get a grip!

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