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    I am using salon spa theme and having problems trying to edit the Pink stripe on all the pages… I read some other threads and was able to edit it on the home page but all the other pages still have the pink stripe which i want to have a different color. How do i edit the color of the stripe on other pages.

    also The Call Us On text on the home page i can not figure out how to change. I was able to change it on the other pages somehow… not sure how really.

    I see in another thread it mentions changing some lines in bootstrap.css but i can not find that file? has it been renamed or moved somewhere?

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  • For the stripe:

    .pink-container {
        background-color: #00639E;

    The Call Us:

    .spa_tag span {
    color: #00639E;

    Theme Author webriti


    Hi agruenke

    You can configure content of pink strip on each individual pages from the meta information boxes present below their post/page editors.

    But, yahh, right now call us customisation is not present, which will be, in the feature updates.

    So dont forget to update the theme once the higher version are available.


    You have two options either hide it, for now or if you want to change it right away, than you need to hard code some text in the pink-header.php file below find the code

    <div class="spa_tag">
    			<?php _e( "Call us on", 'sis_spa' ); ?>
    			<p> <?php echo $call_us ?></p>

    and replace the above block with

    <div class="spa_tag">
    			<?php _e( "Call us on", 'sis_spa' ); ?>
    			<p> <?php echo "YOUR NUMBER HERE"; ?></p>

    the second option is not recommended..

    Or wait for the feature releases..

    Hello Webriti,

    I am new on WordPress. Today I have fixed the color of the rose stripe at the home page of my site.

    But I can’t get it to the rest of the pages? Can you tell me how I can make it purple on all pages?

    Can you also tell me how I can make the text color of the Tagline Title purple?

    Thanks for your help

    Hi diegoafca

    Can share your site URL. Then we will look it and fix your problem.
    On which pages you want set color.


    Hi Hari,

    Thanks! I can send you the links below: purple / good roze / not good

    I have download the plug in ”Add meta data boxes” and copy the css code in the meta boxes but the header on other pages stays on pink…

    I hope that you can help me:)



    As per the other topic you have two different elements hence the different colours

    .slidesDescription {
    background-color: #7a007a;
    .pink-container {
    background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #F22853;

    If you don’t already have a custom.css you should install a plugin like custom CSS plugin then add the following to the custom css area.

    .slidesDescription, .pink-container {
    background-color: #7a007a;

    Hi Diegoafca

    We have checked your website/page and found that you want to change tag line color in all pages.

    First of all you can install easy custom css plugin .

    You can add given css code in custom css box and save it.

      {   color: #353c3f;
          font-family: roboto;

    It changed your tag line text color.


    I tried the option of hard-coding the phone number in the code you mentioned, but I still get the old number. Weird!

    It’s a good looking theme. Just needs a little more customization options! 🙂

    It changed phone numbers on the other pages, but not the one on the main welcome page.

    Hi melaroberge,

    “It’s a good looking theme.”

    Thank’s for appreciation of our work 🙂

    You will be able to change these settings in up comming versions of the theme.

    Till then If you are able to change the code
    -> Locate the file index-slider.php , Find the code “<?php echo $current_options[‘call_us’]; ?>” and replace this code with “your number”.
    -> Save the changes .
    Pl share your URL.



    I’m a first time user of wordpress.

    I also have some problems with the call us number!

    I have done this:

    Till then If you are able to change the code
    -> Locate the file index-slider.php , Find the code “<?php echo $current_options[‘call_us’]; ?>” and replace this code with “your number”.

    But I don’t know where to put my number or which code I need to replace.

    Hope you can help me


    Hi christelpostuma,

    Pl share your URL.

    Hi, I’m enjoying spasalon theme! Find it much more intuitive than others I have tried! I’ve run into a couple of problems that I can’t seem to resolve though. Hope you can help!

    My url:

    1. Phone number on top right – I have tried making a new spa-tag.png and uploading it to replace the default one. But when it appears it gets overwritten with existing text and phone number. Also tried the hard-coding recommendations, but same problem. I would just like it to say: Call Us Today! 310-360-wxyz

    2. How do I change the color of the Pink tag line that reads “Very Simple, Very Inexpensive and Very Relaxing”

    3. Can I remove the 4 270×157 images that follow and just have the headlines and text?

    4. On the inside pages, bullets and widget headings (small stripe on left) are still appearing pink. Where do I change?

    5. I have tried the suggestions for removing comments entirely from my site, by adding:
    #comment {
    display: none;}
    to CSS Editor but they still appear.

    6. Is it possible & advisable to make right sidebar (widget area) narrower?

    Thank you!

    HI dwoglom,

    FIRST ISSUE -> We have updated the version with this feature, using options panel setting. It will be LIVE soon.

    And for Rest ISSUES ….

    Your website is unavailable . Pl make it available.Then only I can send you the codes or instructions to follow.


    Opps, sorry – my site is now available!

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