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  • Looks alright ( i warn you, I am colorblind :).

    One thing, your date line and the word Thank you appears overtop of the text of the first paragraph of your post when viewed in Firfox. Its okay in IE, but not with Firefox.

    You CSS and code does not validate, so there is a good place to start.

    Other than that, nice design, but as I said, I’m colorblind, so the colors I can’t comment on.

    Ok well i dont have a firefox browser lol. But ill download it to see what you mentioned so i can fix it. I always use IE so i was making sure it worked with it good. But it does need to be viewable on most common browsers. Thanks for the input! =)

    hrm i cant say im a fan…it reminds me of quick lol but i guess i dont like pink that much 😀 otherwise the layout looks good 🙂

    The site title is messed up in Firefox 1.0.1, the first few lines of the post are overlapping it.

    Other than that, it’s quite pink..:)


    Thanks Guys. Im going to do it in soft green and blue too when i get done cleaning up my bad ending tags on this one , LOL. Im currently downloading FireFox im curious to see what it looks like in that.

    @jkjacks – it reminds you of quick?? quick what? quick sand? lol

    Im going to install a template chooser so those who dont quiet like pepto pink can choose to not view it lol =)

    lol Quick as in the strawberry drink mix that you mix with milk??? Please dont tell meyou never had QUICK?!?! 😛

    no never had quick lol sounds yuckie though ….. i added a theme switcher to my index page and i have the BLUE version working now , for those who didnt like the pepto pink lol

    i want to ask the author if he cares if i release the different colors or if he will…. save someone a bit of time if they wanted that theme in a different color …. i posted on his site but so far he hasnt replied back…..

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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