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  • Hi, I installed JetPack plugin today and i found that they can send information about my new posts to search engines, but the thing that attract me that they can send my updates to sites that show my new posts to different people, but i got confused about somethings …

    How much traffic i can get from?

    Do i need to cancel it from Jetpack and do it manually to make sure i will not get banned from those services? And if i do that do i need to update them every time i create a new post? and how to know when i got banned from them?

    Even how it work? What is best way to use and how much time it take to show up?

    In general there’s little information about that on the web, i read wordpress update services page and i got the basics, but i need more information resources about to understand it, thank you.

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  • Not sure what you are asking about, but for help with JetPack, ask here:

    That’s it, less information about it and in general it’s a service powered by some update services and wordpress provide it, here’s the wordpress page about it:

    Please help if any one tried before or know about it, thank you.

    Haven’t ever tried it – but it looks like you would need to actually sign up (and probably pay for) one of the services listed on that page.

    They saying it’s totally free, but it’s seems like a free traffic source provided by wordpress with other services, although no spamming it’s legal services but i like to understand every thing i use not just using it like that, and even wordpress provide general information about it, i want to go deeper but where? tried google to the page 10, no information, just lists about the services and general information about they are amazing thing but no details!

    May someone help me with where to get deep information or even ask deeper questions about wordpress?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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