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  • gaius_mohaim

    I set my blog to ping and but I’m not showing up on it when I post a new entry. Also, technorati seems to be ignoring my blog; when I have linked to a news item I’m not included in the list of those sites referencing them. Is there something different with the way wP 0.71 handles pings or what not? Where’s the clue button………….

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  • SHOOT ME NOW! I forgot to reset the ping commands on the new config. God I wanna die. Matt pls delete this whole, eh what do you call this? Oh yeah. Thread…. please do.

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    It’s okay, I started to reply to this a couple of times but I couldn’t think of anything that could be different except a config change. Don’t worry, settings will be persistent in future versions.

    I have a question about the pings. I can pass my cursor over the links and see the day, time, etc. when the blog was updated.
    Where can I change how that is displayed?
    What do I need to change to have an “*” next to the updated blogs? It seems to show that someone did post, although it doesn’t have the correct time next to the newly updated. How do I change that?
    I love having the links in there. I did import my blogrolling OMPL, although not all of them imported, so I did have to do some by hand. My blogroll was having problems today, along with everyone elses, so I switched it over just to see if I like it or not.

    *Bumping this up as I would really like to keep using the links feature*

    Hi southerngal,
    The ability to change the formatting of the updated date will be in the next version. As for the time being correct, the feed from is based on UTC, so unless you are in that timezone (ie. England in winter) it will be wrong.
    The ability to display an asterisk or some such when a link has been recently updated, and to define ‘recently’ is on the todo list but not yet done.

    Thanks Mike! Now I know what else to look forward to! I have reverted back to Blogrolling for the time being, although I’m patiently waiting while you and Matt work your magic on the code! 🙂



    R.e. identifying newly updated blogs; does .72 have this functionality?

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