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  • Hey guys,

    After upgraded for WP 2.7 pingback/trackback stopped working in my site! I tried everything: already “asked” to Google, friends, searched here and there… but the only thing I found was: This guy had the same problem, but he made a downgrade. I don’t wanna it!

    Well, “stopped” isn’t quite right. I explain: my site can’t send trackbacks or pingbacks, but can receive some trackbacks (from others sites, of course).

    Other thing weird, when you write an URL in the post the system automatically send the trackback if the other site is built-in with WP, right? And “Trackback Tab” above the post (in admin area) show the information… well, for me, no more!

    So, anybody has a clue or something? :/

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  • Will all you guys check to see if you’ve installed a custom function that may be causing this issue? I found that on my site, I had installed a spam killer function that was featured in Smashing Magazine and that hosed up my trackbacks. The article at SM might have coincided with the release of 2.7.1 causing the confusion but I’m not sure.

    More info:

    I still have the problem however, that no one can track back to me using my permalinks. The only way you can track back to me is if you append /trackback/ to my post URL :-/

    Unfortunately, that link solves the problem many people have with not being able to receive pingbacks (that custom function). The poster is unable to solve the problem the rest of us are having, which is that we cannot actually send the pingbacks unless we manually do it via the trackback field (appending /trackback to the permalink).

    This issue appears to have two sides… either your blog isn’t sending the ping or their blog isn’t receiving it OR it’s a combination of both depending on how you’re citing them or they’re citing you.

    This is what my testing has revealed so far using three different WP blogs on 2.7.1 (on Dreamhost servers) and it also assumes pings/TBs are enabled on the blog/post and that we’re all smart enough to check the moderation/spam queue.

    1. Citing someone else’s post using their permalink in the body of your own post does not appear to ping the original blog. No “already pinged” message and no ping received.

    2. Citing someone else’s post using their permalink in the “Send trackbacks to” entry field successfully sends a ping, but the original blog does not receive it. This may not be instantaneous however.

    3. Citing someone else’s post using their trackback URL in the “Send trackbacks to” entry field successfully sends a ping AND the original blog receives it. The trackback may go into moderation.

    Is this what you all have found to be true?

    CORRECTION -> after updating my test blog to 2.7.1, pings to my real blog are now working. This would be scenario #1 above where you simply cite another blog post using the permalink in the body of your own entry.

    I still can’t get trackbacks/pingbacks to work. Neither upgrading to the 2.7.1 didn’t help.

    11Mystics, thank you for the tips you’ve posted. Is there any other possible solution we could try?

    3. Citing someone else’s post using their trackback URL in the “Send trackbacks to” entry field successfully sends a ping AND the original blog receives it. The trackback may go into moderation.

    Is this what you all have found to be true?

    No. I can’t get pingbacks to work when I link to anyone regardless of the way I do it. WordPress support hasn’t done anything to solve the problem.

    It isn’t an issue with my host, it isn’t an issue with my theme and it isn’t an issue with the plugins.

    Somebody, somewhere has the answer to this problem. Unfortunately, no one here seems to know the answer.

    You know what really sucks? I see dozens of WP sites every day where trackbacks/pingbacks seem to work – just not mine or apparently, some of the people posting here.

    I see after posting the last time no one from the vaunted WP Support team has even bothered to address anyone. Thanks WP. Blogger is starting to look really good.

    I tried with a fresh new WP installation on my server, and it worked. Which means it’s not a problem with a server/host but in the WordPress.

    I have disabled all possible plugins, and pingbacks/trackbacks are still not sent, neither received.

    I assume it has to do something with the old database entries which are not fixed/updated during WordPress upgrade.

    Would be really nice if someone could take a look.

    Chiming in myself.

    I’m running WP 2.7.1, too, and can neither send nor receive track/ping/tweet backs. I have tested 3 blogs that have worked in the past but are now not. The only plugins all three have in common are WP Super Cache and WP Stats.

    Honestly I think it’s an issue of how WP behaves on some servers. I brought this up on my host’s forum. I’ll let you know if they say anything.

    Thank you maxwell_pink. Any suggestion would be more than welcome.

    I have exactly the same issue also, so i created a whole new blog (both blogs now running 2.7.1) both on the same server. The second blog i left as complete default install added no extra plugins etc. And still no pings. AARRRGGGHHH!!!! I’ve got two post going somewhere in the forum else where stating the problem no replies from any dev

    Okay, I’ve got the same issue. I deactivated WP Stats and Askimet, still no trackbacks.

    I know this probably doesn’t help, but I figure I’d add my recent discoveries:

    The problem began when WP changed how it handles ping/trackbacks. Unless there were security issues with the old way, I can’t see why it was changed. After all, don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.

    Anyway pingback-ability (at least for me) depends on the blog that is being referenced. For example: I posted links to posts in two well established blogs I have. Neither received the pingback, nor did the blog that did the posting receive notification that the sites had been pinged. Manual trackbacks work, but they take more than 24 hours. Tweebacks take three days.

    Meanwhile I posted links to both a brand spanking new blog of mine, as well as to a post on Weblog Tools Collection. Both immediately received the pingback and sent notification that they had been pinged.

    So it appears it may an issue with old databases (as Urosino already pointed out) but is also something that affects only certain hosts. I’m guessing the geeks behind the upgrade didn’t consider that some hosts are rather anal about their security.

    Of course, what irks me most is not only has no one of authority really addressed this issue beyond “upgrade to 2.7.1” (which, obviously, everyone has and is still experiencing the problem), but there doesn’t appear to be anything listed in the tickets or beta versions that indicates that the issue is even being looked at. 😛



    I’ve opened a ticket against this defect on the wordpress trac site. It’s hard to really describe how this bug is caused, so I linked back to this forum entry in it. Hopefully, someone will take a look and we can get some answers. There seem to be so many approaches (to try) to fix this online that I get the impression noone really knows what is causing it; I’m sure in many of the cases the cause may not be the same. Let’s hope that this doesn’t cause the ticket to be closed.



    Having the same problem
    running on php 5.2 / mysql 5.0
    WordPress 2.7.1, enabled Akismet and WP Stats



    same issue…WP 2.7.1

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