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  • Hey guys,

    After upgraded for WP 2.7 pingback/trackback stopped working in my site! I tried everything: already “asked” to Google, friends, searched here and there… but the only thing I found was: This guy had the same problem, but he made a downgrade. I don’t wanna it!

    Well, “stopped” isn’t quite right. I explain: my site can’t send trackbacks or pingbacks, but can receive some trackbacks (from others sites, of course).

    Other thing weird, when you write an URL in the post the system automatically send the trackback if the other site is built-in with WP, right? And “Trackback Tab” above the post (in admin area) show the information… well, for me, no more!

    So, anybody has a clue or something? :/

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  • me too………

    And me…

    same for me … 🙁

    Same here… very frustrating.

    Me too =(

    Same here… Any ideas what to check?

    Usually this is a wp-cron related issue. 2.7 changed to the new HTTP API, which broke some hosts. There have been some fixes for this in 2.7.1, so try that first.

    I have 2.7.1, but it’s still not working…

    2.7.1 here also. Is there some way to troubleshoot wp-cron to see what’s going on?

    My Trackback URI links return the following when clicked. I’m using 2.7.1 as well:

    This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

    <message>I really need an ID for this to work.</message>

    2.7.1 here also. No pingbacks/trackbacks 🙁

    You know, for a support forum, there isn’t much support around here. Look at all the people that are having a problem with pings, and not one WP genius in here can tell us what’s wrong. We’re using your damn product but we sure as hell don’t have to.

    Someone around here should have the ability to answer this question. Why are so many of us having problems with sending pings? We’re all tired of being left in the dark on this issue and basically searching endlessly to solve a problem that appears to be widely reported. But no replies to help us.

    I’m telling you just like this. Somebody around here needs to get off their ass and help us figure out why WP pings aren’t working. Everyone here states the incoming pings work fine, but outgoing pings don’t.

    As I suspect others have done, I’ve checked with my host and nothing is blocking the port that would prevent me from sending pings.

    So someone get with the program and give us some support, here at the WP “Support” forums – support, you know, as in help.


    I am having issues with this as well, but I am on WordPress 2.6

    WordPress 2.7.1, same issue. Could this be theme-specific? I see a number of other sites running the latest version sending and receiving trackbacks.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 39 total)
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