Pingbacks not using permalink structure (with solution) (2 posts)

  1. kelson
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Sometime in the last two weeks, pingbacks from my blog stopped using the permalink structure and started showing up as path-to-wordpress/?p=x

    It was sometime after the upgrade to 1.5.1, so I suspect it was the move to

    I can't find anything with the new search, but in case anyone else has the same problem, I solved it by going into Options/Permalinks and just clicking on Update Permalink Structure without making any changes. I assume one of the changes in required a new rewrite rule.

  2. kelson
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Argh! It's doing it again! Starting May 27... the day of the update.

    It looks like I need to redefine the permalink structure every time I upgrade?

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